With Laura Mercier Colour Dots and Baked blush Illuminé, You get the glowing Cheeks of a girl From an Impressionist painting

Impressionistic cheeks: Laura Mercier Colour Dots in Sangria and Baked blush Illuminé in Rose
I’m typically inspired by art when I get ready in the morning — and not always modern art, à la Andy Warhol or renowned images of Twiggy — but sometimes, like during the deepest and darkest parts of winter, I’ll think of a novel or a particular Renaissance painting and try to recreate the spirit of the work or, if it’s a portrait, the glow surrounding the subject.

Sometimes with Laura Mercier I think of impressionist paintings, and it’s not hard to see similarities between some of Laura Mercier’s muted greens, steel blues and rich sienna browns and a color palette used by Claude Monet, right?


That’s ideal for me, as I love that romantic flush on the faces of so numerous impressionistic heroines. If you gaze at a Renior, you’re sure to see a glowing rose pink, and when my skin is at its many sallow or pale during the winter season months, that’s the look I many like to create with my blush.

Thanks to the new Laura Mercier Colour Dots ($32) and Baked blush Illuminé in Rose ($42), I’ll be glowing like a painting for months.

Impressionistic cheeks: Colour Dots in Sangria and Baked blush Illuminé in Rose
Positively glowing thanks to Laura Mercier Colour Dots in Sangria and Baked blush Illuminé in Rose

Laura Mercier’s Colour Dots are new to makeup counters for summer 2016 and availble in three shades — Fruit Punch, Tequila Sunrise and Sangria. They’re portable, sheer, yet dynamic washes of color that are both lip and cheek friendly.


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I’ve been using Sangria as a primer of sorts for other blushes, because it’s not only convenient to have my flush coordinated with my lips, but the gel-to-powder formula also helps other shades adhere.

The Baked blush and Bronze/Illuminé compacts already have a cult following (remember when Ritual made so numerous waves?), so it’s no surprise that Illuminé in rose is just as incredible as its forebears.

Described as a stunning baked powder to tint, highlight and accentuate cheekbones, Rose is a complementary mix of five shades ranging from cream to rich rose gold, and it gives a warm glow when applied either as a highlight or a blush. It feels extremely smooth, and I can still see it on my cheeks after hours and hours of wear.


I’ve been using Sangria and Rose together nearly each day for weeks. Sangria offers my base flush, and Illuminé in rose adds a touch of impressionistic glow that helps me look like I’ve just returned from a spin on the dance floor at Moulin de la Galette.

Laura Mercier cheeks (L-R): Baked blush Illuminé in rose and Colour Dots in Sangria applied heavily then blended
Cheek products seem to be the least long-wearing products for me, so it’s so good to find a gel or cream-to-powder product that helps other product last longer and also looks stunning alone. Rose is quite long long lasting even without help from Sangria…which is just to say that I’m just as wowed by Laura Mercier now as I’ve ever been.

So, fellow makeup and art lovers, what are some classic works of literature or art that inspire your makeup?

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