As a lady (or a Dude!), What’s Your preferred Men’s Cologne or Deodorant?

You understand what’s weird? between El Hub as well as Tabs, I’m surrounded by dudes 24/7, as well as interestingly enough, they normally odor similar — like a blend of boxed mashed potatoes, over-ripe peaches, tuna as well as preserved meat.

Sometimes, though (like when he’s as well lazy to shower), El Hub will do me a solid by spraying Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue pour Homme on himself.


It’s my flat-out preferred men’s cologne. even amidst the backdrop of eau de mashed potatoes, peaches, etc., the light as well as citrusy, yet masculine, scent still makes me swoon.

Sometimes I’ll even take a spritz or two…

Oh! as well as here’s the very best part: whenever El Hub is using it as well as Tabs climbs up on his shoulders, which he does at least when a day for lurvies, the scent permeates his fur.


As a lady (or a dude!), what’s your preferred men’s cologne or deodorant?


Your friendly community appeal addict,


P.S. delighted hump day.

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