Canadian charm brands

pleased Canada Day! 

In honour of Canada Day, today I’ll showcase some Canadian brands as well as a few items I own from each.

Lise Watier (Shoppers medication Mart, online)
LW made her name first of all with her signature perfume, Neiges (which I don’t especially care for) however has because branched out to colour cosmetics as well as skincare.  I’ve grown fond of her lipsticks, eye shadows, as well as concealer.

Annabelle (drugstores, online)
A Montreal-based brand that provides high high quality products at drugstore prices. I like their eye shadows as well as blushes – they’re extremely similar to MAC. In terms of a similar us brand, I would state this is similar to Revlon.

Marcelle (drugstores, online)
This is the sibling brand of Annabelle – this line is geared toward a much more mature audience (but not OLD, ykwim?) Their eye shadows as well as deal with products are amazing. I would state this is many similar to Almay, however method less sucky.

Cargo Cosmetics (Rexall, online)
My very first Cargo product was their lipgloss in “Machu Picchu” (they name all their colours based on locations around the world), housed in their renowned silver tin, as well as it contained 2 colours inside. I have because moved onto their marvelous blushes – one of my top 3 blush formulas of all time. Their eye shadows are likewise fabulous, as well as their blue_ray pressed powder is HG for me.  This is now a worldwide brand; within Canada, the brand has been tossed around in terms of availability – it utilized to be sold at Sephora as well as Sears, but now it’s only at Rexall – or online.

Vasanti (drugstores, online)
This brand focuses on foundation colours that are geared toward all skin tone ranges. Their Eye question under eye cream is a bestseller which is on my desire list. I absolutely like their tinted lipsticks, as well as their cheer up exfoliator is one of my favourites.  This brand is ending up being much more easily offered as well as I want to try much more products from them.

Cake charm (Sephora, specialty stores, online)
This is a skincare business that’s mainly well-known for their wonderful smelling hand cream. Their loose dry shampoo is one of my favourites because there’s a tinted choice for brunettes.

Quo (Shoppers medication Mart, online)
This is the personal label of our largest drugstore chain, as well as the early buzz on Quo was all about their buttery smooth powder eye shadows. It’s true, back then I’ve never felt any type of eye shadow as buttery as Quo’s. The high quality has diminished somewhat over time (or have other brands improved their quality? Not sure) however I still do delight in their products. Their brushes are rather great too.

Joe Fresh charm (Joe Fresh stores, Loblaws)
From the exact same creator of Club Monaco, Joe Fresh is an accessible, fun brand with chic clean simple look (I believe of it as Canadian Gap).  Currently sold at Loblaws grocery stores as well as some standalone Joe Fresh locations, however starting in 2016, it will be offered at consumers medication Mart (since Loblaws purchased Shoppers).  I haven’t purchased as well much from this brand yet because the screens are always chosen over, however I look ahead to when it will be offered at consumers which has a much larger distribution.

NeoStrata | Reversa | Consonant Skincare
I’m just beginning to appreciate some homegrown skincare brands. I’ve delighted in the products I’ve tried from each of these brands as well as I plan to try more!

BITE charm (Sephora)
This brand took the charm brand by storm when they launched at Sephora, even though it’s a relatively niche Canadian brand. They only do one thing: lip products. however boy, do they do it well! They utilize food grade components so when I invariably take in a few of my lipstick, it’s not a concern.  I only have a few BITE products however I want more.

Honourable mention:
MAC Cosmetics (MAC stores, The Bay, online)
Did you understand that MAC started out as a Canadian brand? That’s right, it was started best right here in Toronto!  It was offered to Estée Lauder in 1998 as well as they haven’t looked back since. It’s now a worldwide brand however I’m not sure if everybody understands about its humble beginnings. It’s so famous, I don’t even requirement to include a picture!

Any Canadian brands I’ve missed?  What are your preferred Canadian charm brands?

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