Are You into the limited edition makeup Chase?

The MAC Alluring Aquatic collection… I love THIS PACKAGING!
I am, but maybe not as feverishly as I once was.

I still love keeping up with what’s new, what’s coming out and seeing, you know, if my favorite colors are being re-released, like if Chanel ever re-released Jade? — oh, my gawd! Swoon city. I would go buck-freaking-wild and be that crazy person who called the counter and said, “COULD YOU PLEASE set aside four bottles FOR ME thank YOU!!”


But to be honest, you kind of get a feel for these things after you’ve followed them for a while, and chances are, you will see another LE coral lipstick [OR, INSERT any other product HERE] again.

It’s a very safe bet.

I’m not saying that I never chase down LE products or go cuckoo-crazy anymore because I do, like when something has a really amazing theme or colors that I like, or packaging that I love, like Sonia Kashuk’s new collection. It has these shiny black and gold compacts and bright new green, blue and hot pink brushes with hot pink brush heads that I think look amazing!


Cats & makeup Sweatshirt ??


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Or the MAC Alluring Aquatic collection from last year? I went batsh*t cray for that watery mermaid action.

From the MAC Simpsons collection…


I was reading something online a while back, and now I can’t remember where, about why shopping feels so good, and the post talked about a study in which scientists concluded that it was linked to the primitive hunter-gatherer brain, and how, you know, when you were a cavewoman, you weren’t sure if you were ever gonna get those berries again, so when you saw those berries, you had to get as lots of berries as you could, and I think that sort of kicks in with the LE stuff a lot of the time.

What do you think, my friend? Are you into the limited edition makeup chase?

Are you into the limited edition makeup chase?



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