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The sincere appeal get It together Eyeshadow Palette, $19.99
Inquiring minds want to know! What shampoo, zit medicine, exfoliating deal with scrub, mask, liquid liner or eyeshadow has been making you swoon? Hair, makeup, skin care, perfume, you name it — please share. I want to hear the deets.

I’m always curious about the things my appeal friends adore as well as recommend, so please don’t hoard this important information! Share it with me! I want to understand whatever you’ve been into lately as well as why you like it.


Truth bomb — I’m partly inspired to ask this since I’ve got a Nordstrom birthday gift card burning a hole in my Kate Spade purse.

Here are a few of my appeal likes as of late, as well as if it feels like I talk about these things nonstop here…it’s nearly definitely since I do, ha! (Sorry, not sorry.)

Things have altered a bit as I’ve scaled down my appeal collection over the past few months. Like, I’ve found that I’m straight-up happier with a smaller number of products I absolutely adore than I am with a larger collection of products I barely ever wear. This has likewise altered the focus of my protection right here on MBB, for sure, so before I get into the lurvable products themselves, I just want to state say thanks to you for sticking around.


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Anywho, my present (as of ideal at this exact moment) appeal loves! (Note: subject to modification in about 10 minutes.)

Honest appeal get It together Palette

For now at least, this feels like the only combination I need! There’s a great range of colors as well as completes in it (mostly mattes as well as satins, with a few non-disco shimmers). It likewise includes all of the practical-slash-useful shades one needs to put the fine-tuned completing touches on an eye look, like a matte bone (which I utilize as an all-over lid base in lieu of a separate primer) as well as a matte black (handy for lining or smoking out any type of of the colors). Quality-wise, the shadows blend well as well as don’t crease, so this is a winner, champion poultry dinner.

Chantecaille Cheek Gelee as well as gleam Gel Bronzer

So, it’s hot right here ideal now, like it is throughout significant swaths of the Western United States, as well as the believed of using anything remotely powder based on my face…is extremely unappealing to me. I don’t want to feel like I’m using five pounds of product on my skin. Consequently, this gel blush as well as bronzer add casual, lightweight color as well as life to my cheeks while concurrently not spotlighting ye olde pores, as well as they stay put even when I’m glistening with nature’s highlighter, a.k.a. when I’m sweating buckets. LOL!

When you wanna wear blush as well as bronzer however can’t be bothered with foundation, there’s Chantecaille gel blush as well as bronzer.
Cheek Gelee blush in delighted (cute name, yeah?) as well as gleam Gel Bronzer. I’m 100% sure you’re gonna ask me about the polish. It’s Chanel Purple Ray.
Chanel kid de Chanel Brow Pencil

This brow pencil is offered in Chanel’s makeup line marketed for guys, however don’t let that stop ya! It’s sweat-proof (YES) as well as completely pigmented. Yes, you can see it, however ooh — it looks so natural!

That’s Chanel kid Brow Pencil in my brows! I’m likewise using Laura Mercier Wheat Eye Basics, NARS Isolde Duo, NARS Coconut Grove (worn wet as liner) as well as NARS Bengali eyeshadow singles, Chanel Espresso liner as well as Laura Mercier Caviar Mascara
I seldom swoon over brow pencils, however this will sweep even the most seasoned makeup enthusiast off her feet, since it works so darn quickly. Figuratively, I can do my brows with a snap of my fingers! If El Hub ever asked me to get him a brow pencil…I’d get him this one, as well as then I’d keep it for myself.


Can’t wait to hear about yours!

Your friendly community appeal addict,


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