La Prairie Anti-Aging Hydra Tint Sunscreen SPF 20 sheer tinted Moisturizer: I really Don’t need To get Addicted To This But…

wearing La Prairie Anti-Aging Hydra Tint Sunscreen SPF 20 sheer tinted moisturizer in shade 30
To put it in perspective, a bottle of La Prairie Anti-Aging Hydra Tint SPF 20 sheer tinted moisturizer costs about as much as Choupette Lagerfeld spends daily on gravy. A 1.4 fl. oz. bottle costs $100 (OMG!). That is a lot of gravy, yo.

With a price like that, one would expect something phenomenal, right? nothing short of tinted moisturizing perfection?


La Prairie Anti-Aging Hydra Tint Sunscreen SPF 20 sheer tinted moisturizer in shade 30 ($100)
La Prairie is a high-end skin care line with prices that hover around mucho and dinero, but by comparison to their $465 Cellular radiance emulsion SPF 30 lotion and $300 Skin Caviar Luxe Souffle Body Cream, Hydra Tint seems nearly affordable.

Yeah…not really.

So, you know how I am nearly never not trying to find foundations and tinted moisturizers that look like real skin yet supply enough coverage to downplay the whole freckle situation and even out my skin tone? Well, this stuff does that.


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It’s weird… before I massage it in (I wear shade 30, which is one of four shades available and the one that a lot of closely matches my skin), it doesn’t look anything close to my skin tone. It actually looks too pinkish red.

But after I work it in and give it a few minutes to settle, nearly suddenly, it matches. My skin looks a lot more even-toned and radiant. My pores appear smaller, and everything just looks, I dunno…more J. Lo with a fan and big hair.

This being summer, I have a minor tan and some additional reddish tones in my skin, but in winter, shade 30 might be a little too pinkish red for me. At that point, I may not be able to wear one of the other shades, either, as all of them seem to lean pinkish red.

“Tinted moisturizer with sun protection for a best complexion. Anti-Aging Hydra Tint SPF 20 blends mineral-infused color and illuminating pigments for natural-looking color and sheer coverage that disguises imperfections. Protects the skin from UV rays and age spots, and opens moisture pathways in the skin to increase hydration. Dispenses easily from a convenient squeeze bottle, blending effortlessly into your morning routine. minimal time for exquisite results. perfection has never been so simple.”


Bare faced (on the left); with concealer and La Prairie Anti-Aging Hydra Tint Sunscreen SPF 20 sheer tinted moisturizer in shade 30 (on the right)

Now, though, that’s not a problem at all. In fact, Hydra Tint gets better as the day wears on. It keeps my oil on lockdown, looks like real skin, doesn’t break apart, and if I need a lot more coverage, I just dust a bit of semi-sheer face powder, like MAC Mineralize Skinfinish or Chanel Les Beiges Powder, on top.

Unblended (left) and blended (right)
First time I used it, I stood in front of the mirror shaking my head back and forth. I mean, that price! I seriously do not need to get addicted to this stuff. El Hub would frickin’ kill me.

I can already hear him saying, “A hundred dollars? That’s completely ridiculous.”

With a MAC lipstick for scale
And the rational part of my brain absolutely agrees. Yes, you can get a similar look for much less over at Laura Mercier and Sonia Kashuk, but I need to say — La Prairie Anti-Aging Hydra Tint has a certain je ne sais quoi I’ve never experienced from another tinted moisturizer.


If (when), while gardening in my yard, I uncover a small chest filled with Spanish doubloons, I’m heading to the La Prairie counter to stockpile a sh*t ton of this ish.

PRICE: $100 for a 1.4-oz. bottle
AVAILABILITY: Permanent, available now in four shades at La Prairie counters and also online
MAKEUP and appeal blog RATING: B+/A- (fantastic results, but there’s a limited shade selection, and it’s obscenely expensive)

Your friendly neighborhood appeal addict,


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