Can Curel Hydra therapy wet Skin moisturizer deal with the Frigid North (of California?) #EndDrySkin #sponsored

My drier-than-dry skin loves Curel Hydra therapy wet Skin Moisturizer
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The last time I trekked to the northernmost reaches of California to the city of Redding to check out my in-laws, I brought along my vital charm valuables — my hairbrush, some dry shampoo, makeup (of course) and about 10 gallons of moisturizing lotion.

Oh, so dry…

Redding’s a beautiful town up near mount Shasta, not far from the Oregon border, but it’s also one of the DRIEST places ON EARTH. The air there is so dry, or at least drier than I’m used to here in the Bay Area, that my lips and skin ache after one or two days.


Seriously, my arms and legs, my hands — the skin all over my whole dang body — which is already hella dry to begin with, feels like it’s being sucked dry by an industrial strength vacuum cleaner.

Can Curel Hydra therapy wet Skin moisturizer deal with Redding?
If you ever check out Redding, my guidance to you is this: take a walk along the Sacramento River trail around sunset, because Redding has some of the best sunsets in the world. Also, bring along some mega-moisturizers.

It all starts in the shower

Wow, Curel Hydra therapy wet Skin Moisturizer… It’s so unusual! many of the time when I think of amazing moisturizers, I think of rich, greasy body butters and body balms that you have to massage into your skin FOR DAYS.


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They get the job done, but they take a lot of work.

The idea behind Curel Hydra therapy wet Skin moisturizer is that it doesn’t. All you do is apply it on wet skin after you finish taking a shower and before you dry off.

Ceramides to the rescue!

Healthy skin has these things called ceramides that help to maintain a moisture barrier and keep your skin hydrated, so when ceramide levels drop, the moisture barrier takes a beating, and your skin gets dry. Curel Hydra therapy wet Skin moisturizer includes ceramides, and when you use it best after showering, the ceramides go to work repairing the moisture barrier.

Directions and ingredients
How to use it

We’re planning another trip to Redding in a couple weeks, and this time I’m bringing Hydra therapy with me. I’ve been using it down here in the much more humid Bay Area, and it’s been great, but I don’t know if it can deal with Redding…

Right after I finish my shower and turn off the water, while I’m still sopping wet, I pump a few pumps of Hydra therapy into my hands and coat myself from the neck down (if you’re curious, the formula’s fragrance free, so it won’t clash with your perfume).

I don’t spend any time rubbing it in. None whatsoever. I just literally coat my skin with a layer (typically while singing the opening lines to whichever song is currently stuck in my head). Then, I pat myself dry with a towel, and that’s it!

By the time I reach the end of the song, my formerly dry skin feels smooth, soft and moisturized to the hilt. Plus, it doesn’t feel greasy or sticky at all.

Hopefully, with help from Hydra Therapy, my skin will be able to deal with long walks along the Sacramento River on dry, crisp winter season days.


Grab a bottle one of these days. If you have perpetually parched skin like I do, I think you’ll love it.


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