For Queen B Cheeks, try Matte Tan increased NARS Almeria blush

using the new NARS Almeria blush on my cheeks and, yes, I’m standing in front of a fan, Beyonce-style
“Just to caution you…I look totally insane.” A great thing to broadcast best before you go into a space if you’re using NARS blush in Almeria ($30) however didn’t spend sufficient time blending.

If, however, you did invest the time in blending — since you’ll requirement to with this intensely pigmented matte tan increased from the new NARS holiday 2014 Laced with edge collection — then you shan’t requirement to caution the general public, since your cheeks will look so naturally fantastic as well as flushed that witnesses will just presume that you’re Beyonce, as well as that you get up like this.


NARS Almeria Blush

I utilize two brushes to apply Almeria, as well as neither one is a blush brush. This is since the extremely very first time I utilized Almeria, I used it with a blush clean as well as ended up appearing like I had my makeup done by a young child on a sugar high.

So yeah, now I begin by applying a thin layer utilizing a fan brush. then I blend the living crap out of it with a fluffy powder blush, as well as I repeat the whole process one or two times, depending upon exactly how strong I want to go.

It’s a bit tricky, however I believe it’s completely worth it, since I like the warmth as well as color it adds to my cheeks, like I’ve been basking on a Barcelona rooftop all the time long with a book as well as a Mason jar of lemonade.


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Looks fantastic with red lipsticks, too.

PRICE: $30
AVAILABILITY: offered October 15 at NARS shops as well as narscosmetics.com, as well as coming November 1 to NARS counters in department stores
MAKEUP as well as charm blog RATING: A

Your friendly community charm addict,



P.S. You would not believe exactly how numerous times I spelled this blush “Almeira,” instead of “Almeria,” while I was doing this post, or exactly how numerous times I called it Elvira.

Elvira Blush? Really, Karen?

Yep, it’s gonna be one of those days…

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