Hope You had fun at the SpaceNK MBB Meetup

This was the first time I wore heels in over a year, yikes!
The time went by so fast yesterday! I had such a great time talking with you gals at the SpaceNK meetup (today’s the last day of the $20 off $100 online sale), and I may or may not have gotten a little verklempt, Pav, when you handed me that Wayne Goss eyeshadow brush as a gift before you left. I put it in my pocket and kept it there all afternoon.

Kelly, it was nice to finally meet you after chatting with you online for almost 10 years! I can’t believe you live literally up the road from me. And, Genesis, I really do hope we get those beignets together soon, and I hope you love that Kevyn Aucoin liquid highlighter as much as I do.


I wish I’d gotten a picture with you, Ian! You have to tell me if you like that Artis face brush.


Ailyn, Sarah, Stephanie, Christie, Jessica, Rosanna and all the rest of you gals, thanks for making it a great afternoon.

Jessica, we’ll have to talk typography shop soon.
You won the raffle, Genesis! That’s so cool. enjoy those Oribe products.

You’re my new favorite cat lady, Stephanie! six cats. You’re living the dream!
Kelly, let’s get the babies together for a playdate soon.
Christie, me, you and Nordstrom rack soon?
Pav, you’re the sweetest! have fun with your sister this week.
Sarah and Ailyn, let’s make the cat cafe trip happen. Let’s do this!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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