Saturday Surfing, September 18, 2021!

Ah… I like the odor of clean makeup brushes.
Good morning, wonderful girl! happy Caturday. assumption what I’m doing today? Here’s a hint: it includes great deals as well as great deals of makeup brushes that requirement TLC, since I’ve been putting off washing my brushes for weeks.

OK, OK, it’s been a couple months. YIKES! I know.


What’s changed? Well, I’m starting a new task on Monday. Yup, I’ll be working as a copywriter with a regional Bay area beauty brand, as well as I expect Zoom meetings, so now I’ll have an reason to apply some deal with paint on the regular.

I envision I might most likely hop on most phone calls without any type of makeup, however whenever I see myself bare dealt with on camera, particularly in a expert setting, I don’t feel as put-together as I do when I’m using makeup.

Anyway, I’m excited, both to begin something new as well as to have an reason to really wear makeup again!


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I’m going to try the technique where you put powder on curled lashes ASAP!

In situation you requirement motivation for your eye makeup this weekend…

If you’re buying for your teen, here’s a listing of makeup he or she may really utilize (but heck, you may like a few of it too).

I’m feeling these red carpet looks from the Emmys.

Speaking of the Emmys, keep in mind the time Tabs as well as I went to watch the show live?

Bad guys may be using some crazy-@ss makeup in the future.

I would like to see any type of of these out-of-the-box makeup looks while running tasks in genuine life. Seriously, it would make my day!

I kinda want this makeup organizer.

The finest makeup of 2021, according to InStyle.

Love this.

In situation you care about the satisfied Gala.

I’m down for some chill music.

I’m on my method to HomeGoods in a few to get some organizational accoutrements for my office, together with a ideally truly tall lamp. Side note: why is it so difficult to discover lamps that are more than 5 feet tall these days?


What are you as much as today? Whatever it is, I hope you’re having fun.

Your friendly community beauty addict,


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