MAC vibe tribe deal with of the Day: Teal Eyes as well as Coral Red Lips

Hello, strong eyes as well as lips!
OK…as somebody who has used extremely bit makeup for the past three months, this feels like a great deal of look for me (between the teal eyes as well as the orangey red lips).

But I assumption if you’re gonna jump into the pool, you may also just jump, right? You don’t just walk as much as the edge as well as gingerly stick your huge toe in, like, “tee-hee! I’m so shy!”


Duuuuude, you gotta cannonball it! You get a running begin as well as go hawd.

That’s what I did today. I’m getting myself back into a makeup rhythm. I’m using makeup from MAC vibe Tribe, which has been out for a while. I believe it showed up in April, as well as it’ll be on counters till the end of June.

Anyway, every year MAC does a huge summertime collection, usually with bronzers as well as eyeshadows as well as restricted edition packaging, as well as they like to go all out with it. as well as this year, with vibe Tribe, they did this fascinating coral, teal as well as brown pattern, which incidentally stirred up some controversy.


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MAC states it was influenced by music celebrations — Coachella, what have you — however there’s been some chatter about exactly how the styling looks less music celebration as well as more cultural appropriation.

What do you think? very first thing I believed when I saw the packaging was native American design, however I’ve never been to a music celebration myself, so I don’t know. Whenever I see photos online, I usually get a boho/Southwest vibe.

I do have to say, though, I believe the packaging is striking, as well as the pieces are interesting. Take the blue shade in the Wild Horses Eyeshadow combination ($33), for one. What a gorgeous blue… Reminds me of intricate turquoise jewelry.

MAC Wild Horses Eye shadow Palette
Right away, very first thing I wished to wear it with was painted Sunset (which truly does look like a desert sunset, by the way!), the warm orangey red lipstick from the collection. The intensity of the blue as well as the red together feels visually right to me, like the two belong together…like feline women as well as cats, as well as chocolate as well as peanut butter.

MAC vibe tribe Lipstick in painted Sunset

If you aren’t accustomed to using a great deal of color, integrating a strong blue as well as an intense red lip such as this may feel like you’re going as well far and, as of this moment, seeing as exactly how the most I’ve been doing lately has been brows, concealer as well as mascara, this kindasorta does feel like a great deal (too much) makeup to me, however I still like exactly how it turned out.

Wearing MAC vibe tribe Lipstick in painted Sunset
You understand that makeup “rule” that states that you should pair one strong element, whether it’s your eyes or your lips or something else, with toned down makeup everywhere else? Well, in a roundabout way, I feel like I’m complying with that rule to a degree right here by integrating a strong eye as well as a strong lip, since I think about the strong eye as well as strong lip together as my “one strong element…” LOL! So, I dialed back whatever else — simple hair, a non-fussy top as well as extremely sheer deal with makeup. I’m using a light laundry of the coral painted Canyon blush as well as warm golden pink Gleamtones highlighter, both likewise from vibe Tribe, as well as I skipped bronzer as well as went for very little foundation instead, rather than full protection (see the freckles around my eyes?), so there’s nothing to contend with the teal as well as red.

MAC vibe tribe Gleamtones Powder
Packaging for the MAC vibe tribe Gleamtones Powder
MAC vibe tribe blush in painted Canyon
Just for kicks, I swapped out the red lippie for a peachy nude lipstick shade from the collection called Pure Vanity.

Same look however with a neutral lipstick
MAC vibe tribe Lipstick in Pure Vanity
Wearing Pure Vanity Lipstick


Which look is more your style? The teal eyes with the red lips, or the teal with the nude lips?

Your friendly community beauty addict,


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