Saturday Surfing, June 30th, 2018

It’s a hot tub time machine!
Are you the type of person who can just stroll best into a hot tub like it ain’t no thang? since I am not.

My good friends Jen as well as Cindy are. They won’t avoid a beat. They’ll just swoop best in, however I promise it takes me like 10 minutes to slowly lower my body into the hot water inch by inch, as well as even when I’m lastly submerged down to sitting level, I stay unpleasant for at least five minutes.


We really have a hot tub right here in our condo area, as well as in the practically 10 years I’ve lived here, I’ve only ever utilized it for my feet! I like to discover the strongest jet as well as utilize it for an improv foot massage, haha!

Life suggestion best there, friends. When your tootsies hurt from stomp-walkin’ all the time long, find a hot tub.

There aren’t any type of hot tubs in my instant future today, however we are going to the beach, as well as by “beach” (air quotes), I’m referring to a northern California beach, which is NOT like California beaches are typically depicted in the movies. Up right here the water isn’t Baywatch blue (more like a murky, suspicious green…), as well as it’s typically as well cold to conveniently swim in without a wetsuit.


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I just recently heard about a beach called Heart’s wish on Tomales Bay, which is about an hour west of right here on the Pacific coast, that’s expected to be truly nice, particularly for the bit ones. It’s a secured bay, as well as the water’s allegedly warm sufficient for swimming, as well as it’s shallow. No tides, waves or sharks.

I like the noise of that!

I desire there were a method for Tabs to find along. As you can imagine, he’s rather a manager beach kitty, however it’s a drive out there, as well as he doesn’t like cars…unless we’re speaking about his customized infant blue Aston Martin.

Now, while I go stuff the beach bag with 12 million bottles of sunscreen, right here are some great reads I ran into this week…

I wear mascara daily. In fact, I most likely wear mascara much more frequently than I don’t, so, needlessly to say, I’m a fan.

Is it just me, or doesn’t it seem like there’s always one more new bigger, much better mascara hitting the scene? as well as yet I’ve still not discovered *the one* mascara to guideline them all.


I believed this short article was quite cool. It takes you with quite much the entire process of bringing a new mascara to market, from brainstorming, to development, testing, packaging as well as marketing.

OK, has anybody right here tried the Frownies Facial Patch? You’ve most likely heard about them. They’re these patches that you put on your deal with that are expected to smooth wrinkles between your brows as well as across your forehead.

(Side note: there’s a well-known scene in Sunset Boulevard where the primary character, a fading silent film star named Norma Desmond, pulls some Frownies off her forehead.)

Anyway, they’re an independent family-owned company that’s been around for much more than 100 years, as well as they’ve been run by a long line of women entrepreneurs.

Cool! present president Kat Wright states that “Frownies are a non-invasive, non-toxic technique against wrinkles because they are developed to assist revitalize facial muscles under the skin.”

I appreciate anything that promises to make burpees much more fun (they really are the devil’s work), which is why I requirement (YES, NEED) a pair of these sneakers by athletic Propulsion Labs, otherwise understood as APL. with the power of science, their shoes will supposedly supercharge your physical capabilities by enabling you to jump higher, run quicker as well as stretch further.

Normally, I’d chalk this as much as advertising elegant talk, however it appears to really work. The shoes have even been banned by the NBA for offering players with an undue competitive advantage.

People are getting innovative with their charm shoplifting (!), as two women in Texas utilized a stroller to lift much more than $1,000 in charm products at Ulta.

This charm shoot featuring the stars of Netflix’s glow (Gorgeous women of Wrestling!) using ’80s-inspired hair as well as makeup is all kind of fabulous! (The show’s second season just came out.)
I’m particularly loving Alison Brie’s purple eyes as well as coral lips. She plays Ruth Wilder, one of the primary characters.

I mean, I’d really wear that whole getup she’s using to go to the library, LOL!


OK, that’s it for now. Time to go fill the cooler for the beach! You have a fantastic weekend, alright?

Your friendly community charm addict,


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