Sundays With Tabs the Cat, makeup as well as beauty blog Mascot, Vol. 578

Tabs was a genuine dynamo, in more methods than one. He was likewise a skilled dynamo operator.

Dynamo, as in one of those emergency radios with the hand crank you can turn to juice them up. I’ll never fail to remember the time we lost power at the house office for three days, as well as Tabs kept the entire office running with sheer force of will as well as gravy-fueled feline ingenuity.


If you heard him tell it, he would state that he did what he had to do…to keep kitty modeling, since this was back in 2014, which was at the peak of his modeling career. He always had a full plate of gigs lined up, as well as he did that week too.

When the power went out around 8 a.m. on that fateful Tuesday, Tabs was shooting a picture spread for Chanel…

But he didn’t panic. not for a second. He kicked it into high gear. He understood he had to keep the photography lights on as well as needed to be able to hear the news, so he pulled out his reliable emergency radio as well as started cranking.

Then he climbed up on the roof as well as made sure the office solar array was working.

Thankfully, it was! So we were able to keep the lights on as well as the gravy refrigerator running.

Ours was the only building in the community that had power, so Tabs invited all the regional kitties who didn’t have power at house over to the office so they might store their gravy in the business fridge.


That’s just the type of feline he was. ?

Your friendly community beauty addict,


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