Sundays With Tabs the Cat, makeup and charm blog Mascot, Vol. 698

Girl, I hope you have your cats treats ready! You don’t want to be unprepared for national love Your Pet Day, which was today, BTW.

Now, I want to say that both Tabs and Rosie would have clawed my eyes out if I ever forgot such an essential event, but I’ve been lucky to assist for two borderline obnoxiously loving cats, so if I’d ever seemed to forget a day like today, they would have just smothered me with kitty hugs and biscuits until I conveniently remembered.


Here’s the thing about when our pet friends cross over the Rainbow Bridge… That deep love? It never goes away. It stays with you forever. When I picture Tabs looking up at me and slow-blinking his beautiful green eyes, I still feel the same warm feeling I’d get when Tabs was still here, and I can still remember how I felt when I’d open my door when I got home from work and Tabs would sprint from wherever he was to greet me, meowing all the way, and then plopping down best in front of my feet to do his back and forth tummy flash rolls. That beautiful orange tum was so luscious…

Today I showed Rosie I love her with breakfast, lunch and dinner treats, which made her day. knowing Rosie, though, she’ll use me spoiling her to figure out a scientific calculation to manipulate me into feeding her treats all the time, and she’ll test her theory using the scientific method. I’ll just become an unknowing part of a genius cat science experiment.

I love that Rosie’s so smart. Tabs — bless his heart — was the most beautiful, sweetest boy…but he was not the smartest cat in the shed (lol).


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I love Rosie’s ability to problem solve. She’s quite the kitty genius. In fact, when we first brought her home, we were viewing a show about kittens on TV one night, and when Rosie heard the cry of the kittens on the show, she looked all over the living room for those little baby cats. She looked behind the TV, underneath the TV and around every corner, whereas Tabs would have never figured something like that out.


I also love that Rosie sleeps with us in bed every night and how she does special things just for me. Like, I’m the only one whose head she’ll sleep on. Yup, she doesn’t do that with anybody else.

Your friendly neighborhood charm addict,


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