13 unforeseen Side impacts of feline woman Life

A feline woman as well as her bestie. Side note: Rosie likes to be hugged like a small bit fur baby!

You stock pet hair cleaner rollers everywhere — inside your bathroom, your car, at work — EVERYWHERE. You may even have mini travel ones stuffed in each as well as every one of your purses.

You’re good friends with all the community cats, as well as you even understand what treats each as well as every one of them likes/doesn’t like. ?

Occasionally, random cats you’ve never seen before will go into you home as well as kick it with you for a few hours, as well as you’re totally fine with it. Side note: One time I came house to discover a complete stranger feline on top of my fridge. I called him Katmandu, as well as he liked bacon.

You preserve a listing of prospective feline names you like, just in situation the world decides to send along one more kitty friend. present names on my listing include Sheila E. (my sibling lives with a feline named Sheila E. exactly how great is that?), Baroness Schraeder as well as Sugar.

Even though your heart has damaged into a million pieces after the kitty like of your life leaves you, you’re ultimately able to make area for one more feline friend, as well as you keep in mind why you like cats so, so much.

Baby feline woman in training
You’re commonly surprised by exactly how finicky some cats are about food. Like, one minute they loooooove Sheba Salmon as well as can’t get sufficient of it. The next minute (LITERALLY THE next MINUTE), they won’t have anything to do with it. In fact, they’re absolutely repulsed by the extremely idea, as well as you end up stuck with 24 cans you just ordered from Amazon Prime. ?

Teary-eyed, you question things like what your good friends or household will do with the wooden memorial box of your former cat’s ashes when you pass away…

You keep feline treats in your purse…because it never hurts to be prepared.

When you come across a new feline in the neighborhood, you promptly bestow a name upon him or her. since it’s the right thing to do. ??

When you discover a complete stranger feline sleeping in the back seat of your car, your very first believed is, “Oh, cool. Make yourself at home.” And, yes, this has totally occurred to me more than once.

You’ve commonly wanted that you might bring your feline with you on household vacations.

Why are cats so consumed with yoga mats?
You have cat-related reminders arranged on your calendar. (Side note: “Siri, remind me to buy feline litter as well as litter pan liners.”)

When your feline talks to you, you can hear her “voice” in your head, remove as day. ?

Your friendly community beauty addict (and feline woman at large),



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