Possibly inspired by Cherub Cheeks: Guerlain baby glow Light-Revealing sheer foundation

The new Guerlain baby glow Light-Revealing sheer Foundations, $54 each
Guerlain baby Glow, Guerlain baby Glow, Guerlain baby Glow… now try to say that three times really fast without thinking of tiny glow-in-the-dark infants.

It’s nearly impossible, isn’t it?? THOSE DAMNED glowing BABIES.


I’ve always wanted to look like an incandescent infant.

OK, not really. but I like the idea behind baby Glow. It’s a sheer foundation that’s meant to make you look less stressed and flat-out exhausted by appearing to plump your skin (only aesthetically; it doesn’t actually plump it) and make it look a lot more luminous.

The new product line recently launched with the spring collection in just three shades ($54 each) — 02 Clair, 03 medium and 04 Dore.


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Swatches from the left: 02 Clair, 03 medium and 04 Dore
I’m closest to 04 Dore, the deepest shade (incidentally, I’m an NC42 in MAC-speak), a medium-toned peachy golden tan, although I think it’s still a tad too light for me to wear on its own, so I warm it up with some bronzer or mix it with a darker foundation.

Before applying Guerlain baby glow in 04 Dore

And after! I’m wearing Guerlain baby glow in 04 Dore all by itself

I have worn it a few times around the house by itself to get a sense of it, and even though the color isn’t a best match, I abso-friggin-lutely love how baby glow looks on my skin.

It evens everything out, smoothes my pores and adds a very subtle tint. Booyah to the satiny finish, too (very natural-looking). If you’re a BB cream gal, this is probably going to make you go ga-ga-goo-goo. Fingers crossed that one of the three shades works well for ya.


By the way, this stuff is heavily scented (like a lot of of Guerlain’s products) and smells like the Meteorites highlighters. My nose detects notes of pear, lily-of-the-valley and those candy necklaces.

Baby girl, you’ll find baby glow ideal now for $54 at Guerlain counters, Sephora stores and online.


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