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G’mornin’ as well as pleased ? Caturday, chica! Did you occur to catch the Victoria’s trick fashion show makeup Charlotte Tilbury did?? SO GOOD, BABE. Her pr peeps sent some pics that were taken backstage, as well as I want this look on my deal with like meow.

This is one of my preferred makeup looks for so numerous reasons; I don’t even understand where to begin since there’s so much great stuff going on. It’s classically timeless. If I had seen this precise exact same look in a magazine in 2008 or 1999, it would have completely in shape in, as well as it’s just as appropriate as well as wearable today. as well as I bet it’ll still look great 20 years from now.


First of all, exactly how Charlotte structures the faces? There aren’t any type of un-blended lines on the lower cheekbones or down the bridge of the nose, as opposed to the significant pattern on social media. There isn’t any type of apparent chiseling or sculpting, as well as hmm… exactly how do I put this? Everyone’s lush, cherubic cheeks look like ripe, round peaches!

And those eyes! I like exactly how the crease as well as outer third are softly defined, however you can still see the gradients as well as transitions. Srsly, exactly how precisely does Charlotte do that?? My huge struggle when I try to do type of placement (crease as well as outer third) is that I don’t understand when to stop blending. I’ll get what I believe is a great amount of color on my lids, as well as then I’ll begin blending…and keep blending…and blending…and blending…and blending. LOL. Eventually, whatever muddles together, as well as I completely lose the shape (side note: now you understand why I always end up doing smoky eyes, HA HA HA!).

What I’m trying to state is that the subtlety of the blending as well as crease work in this look is KILLER, however it’s so much harder than it looks!


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Also, can we talk about the eyeliner? Again, great deals of soft blurring as well as no severe edges. I like that you can see it, however it isn’t “in your face” since they’re utilizing something less stark than black.

Charlotte just recently published a tutorial of the makeup she did for the show if you want to try it for yourself.

Kudos to them for not blurring the crap out of the model’s skin in this video, too. It’s so refreshing to see somebody with acne on a huge charm brand’s channel. Plus, I like that you truly get a sense of what the makeup can do for a genuine person’s skin.

I have the listing of whatever Charlotte used, however it’s quite long. If you want to see it, though, lemme know. I can add it to this publish or the comments.

Oh, as well as Ms. Charlotte, if you ever checked out this as well as have a location for a small 40-something woman with a C-section scar as well as robust mom tum, I’m available! get me a push-up bra as well as a set of wings ASAP. work your magic on me.

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Gonna try this all matte look ASAP!

Hopefully you’re a bit much more thrilled to put on some war paint now. ? I’m gonna, even though I’m just going to putter around the home today.


Have a excellent rest of your weekend!

Your friendly community charm addict,


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