ChapStick total Hydration Makes Leisurely trips to Target even much more fantastic #sponsored

So numerous lip-loving choices
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Girl, you know I go to Target every two seconds. There’s one about two minutes from my house.

Actually, it’s walking distance, now that I think about it…


Oh, my gosh! If I had to hoof it to Target for something, I could completely get there (MIND BLOWN).

Anyway, I’m there practically every other day. You know, good prices, ideal quantities (I don’t need 400 rolls of toilet paper at one time), and I can essentially find all of life’s necessities as soon as I walk through those doors.

Another day, another trip to Target! That’s ChapStick total Hydration moisture + Tint in rose Petal on my lips, by the way
Story of my life: I walk into the store for one thing — a bag of cat treats, a new outfit for Connor Claire, scrunchies, a huge tub of peanut butter, coffee or a charm products for myself — but I never get upset when a pint of pistachio ice cream or a couple of tubes of ChapStick also fall into my cart.


Cats & makeup Sweatshirt ??


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Hey…it happens.

ChapStick total Hydration moisture + Tint in rose Petal
FYI, in case you weren’t aware, Target is like the Valhalla of ChapStick. They have practically every variety of ChapStick under the sun, including my faves, the total Hydration moisture + Tint ChapStick shades, which are the newest ChapStick products with a hint of color.

The moisture + Tints moisturize while adding a little color, which, you know…basically helps me feel like I can deal with LIFE. LOL!

A girl’s gotta have choices
It’s a well-known scientific fact (not really) that soft, tinted lips make everything better. I can apply the non-sticky ChapStick moisture + Tint products without a mirror, which makes me much much more likely to use them throughout the day than other tinted lippies that are so pigmented that I have to be very careful with them.

ChapStick moisture + Tint in Coral Blush: MY FAVE
Speaking of mirrors, when I go to my HIIT class at night, I like to pop Coral blush on my lips because it makes it simpler to look at myself in those awful gym mirrors with that horrible gym lighting…

I swear, they’re haunted fun-house mirrors.

Heading to the gym in my favorite workout tank with my water bottle and ChapStick moisture + Tint in Coral Blush… but first, a selfie!
Or I’ll put on a little rose Petal while I’m wandering around the grocery store or the Target aisles (obvs), because I always feel a bit better when I’m wearing a little color. I feel less like exhausted mother Karen and much more like Perky Sassy Karen.

Or sometimes, when I’m just hanging out with the baby in the front yard and want to text a “hello!” picture to my mother or El Hub, I’ll put on Merlot, click and send it off.

Wearing ChapStick moisture + Tint in Merlot
I like the moisture + Tints, but I’ve got mad love for the non-tinted ChapStick total Hydration varieties.

Yeah, the ChapStick sitch at Casa de MBB is like the hand cream situation, man! I have them all over THE HOUSE. ChapStick total Hydration Vanilla Cream, which I apply before bed, is on my nightstand, and ChapStick total Hydration Honey blossom is on my desk, so I can reach for it throughout the day while I’m writing.

Because supple lips make writing easier…
In my bathroom, I have a jar of ChapStick total Hydration Conditioning Lip Scrub and a tube of Soothing Vanilla total Hydration near the toothpaste (because I like to do a little lip scrub action after brushing my teeth in the morning).

Morning routine: brush teeth, exfoliate lips, add ChapStick
In my car, I keep ChapStick total Hydration Cooling peppermint (which, by the way, is a Target exclusive), because whenever El Hub and I go someplace, I like to put it on and give him a kiss. That way his lips get moisturized without him even knowing it (yes, I just whispered that because it’s a house secret, shh…).

Next time you’re circumnavigating the health & charm aisles at Target, pause to peep their ChapStick collection. There are so numerous marvelously moisturizing products to choose from.


Visit ChapStick.com for much more information. then be sure to follow ChapStick® on Facebook and Instagram.

Your friendly neighborhood charm addict,


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