Why Paper Towels Are a Blending-Challenged Girl’s best pal

I’m writing this in part because this is something that I always forget, but then I remember, but then I forget, and I want to remember it because whenever I do remember it, I’m like, “Dang, girl! You have to keep doing that!”

It’s just this: whenever you’re blending multiple colors on your lids — like more than three — it helps A lot to have a couple of clean paper towels handy that you can use to remove product from your brushes along the way while you blend your eyeshadow.


This is my big issue with blending: sometimes when I blend multiple colors, they start to get muddy, so instead of seeing a gorgeous gradient that transitions from one color to the next, and the next, I end up with a single mixed, muddy shade that’s made up of a combination of all of the colors from my lash line up.

If you want to look completely insane, take a picture of yourself holding a roll of paper towels…
I think that my blending brushes end up with too much product on them. With all the swiping and the tiny little circles, the bristles on my brush get overloaded, so instead of lifting and pushing each eyeshadow along the skin, the bristles end up just depositing more product, instead of moving it around.

Bottom line, everything muddles together.


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To prevent this, I’ll gently run my brush back and forth across a clean paper towel a few times, and I’ll do it several times along the way while I do my eye makeup, to clean the brush as much as possible without actually cleansing it.

It’s a little thing, nothing fancy, but it keeps the muddiness away.


Try it sometime! I know it’s super simple, but I think it’ll help. It sure helps me.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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