The new Beautyblender Red Carpet, Coming exclusively to Sephora (and Why You need a Beautyblender in Your Life, Like, Yesterday)

The new Beautyblender Red Carpet ($19.95), coming exclusively to Sephora next month
Who knows? stranger things have happened.

If I ever get to walk another red carpet, I’m bringing two things with me: 1) the Red Carpet Beautyblender (but only if I can squeeze it into one of those annoyingly tiny purses that ladies carry to gala events and awards shows) and 2) candy.


Handfuls of candy.

I’ll just have to squish the Red Carpet Beautyblender in next to my mini Snickers, because if I learned anything at the Emmys last year, it’s to bring a sh*t-ton of mini Snickers, because dammit — it’s absolutely mortifying when your tummy rumbles right as someone’s about to announce the best Actor.

I’m just sayin’.


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Isn’t this new Beautyblender cute?!

I know! It’s red! Officially, it’s supposed to be red carpet red, but I keep thinking “red lipstick.”

It’s a new Sephora exclusive available starting next month for $19.95.

Yup, it’s exactly like the regular Beautyblender pictured here, a pink one I’ve had for a while.

Mine is a little long in the tooth, as you can see, and I think it’s time to give it a nice, long vacation…

The Red Carpet Beautyblender with my O.G. pink one

Incidentally, the Beautyblenders are amaze-balls. once you start using them, seriously, you can’t go back.

I primarily use mine to blend opaque foundations and concealers. It really softens up finishes for full-coverage products so you don’t end up with that caked-on, heavy look (’cause that ain’t cute).

Here’s the deal, though: you have to make sure it’s wet (with water or a fixing solution); otherwise, it can’t do its thing.

The Beautyblender is basically a sponge (non-latex) with “open cell structure” (air quotes). When you wet it, water fills the cells, preventing them from absorbing the products you’re wearing (foundation, concealer, whatever) when it touches your skin.


Just wet, squeeze out most of the water, and then stipple and pat to disperse and distribute your makeup.

It just makes everything look softer and takes the edge off. By pushing products around evenly, they look more like they’re a part of your skin. None of those telltale streaks you get with a flat foundation or kabuki brush.

If you’re going for a natural foundation and concealer look, it helps a ton. highly recommended!

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