Paint Your Paws at Your Keyboard: Multitasking Manis Are a thing

I had to paint my paws this morning for the trick squirrel job I’m working on, however I didn’t have time to do a full-on mani with the works — soaking, filing, pushing back my cuticles with an orange stick, etc., you understand the drill — so I did whatever best at my keyboard.

Yeah, that’s completely a thing.


In my world, LOL!

If you’re always in front of your computer like I am, painting your nails at your keyboard takes multitasking to the next level, as well as it’s a genuine option, particularly if you utilize a quick drying polish.

I like these Essie Gel Couture Polishes, which I understand I’ve already mentioned, however I like ’em that much. I’m using very first view today, which is a infant blue with a hint of pearl).


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Technically, the formula isn’t called “quick drying,” however it is. Layers dry in about five minutes, as well as I’ve been using these a great deal lately as well as speaking about them all the time since they’re grrrrreat. I like the colors, as well as I can typically get 6-7 days out of them before any type of chips.

Like I was saying, for my keyboard manis, I’ll do a layer, then type a bit while it dries. this time around I responded to some comments on MBB as well as composed two emails. then I’ll repeat with a second layer.

And as long as I’m cautious when I type as well as don’t bump my nails, I don’t get any type of nicks.

Time truly flies, too, while I’m at my keyboard, so this is really a nifty mental technique to really getting your paws painted.

After two coats (or in some cases three, depending upon the shade), I add a top coat, except for when I understand I’m not going to keep using the exact same nail polish for much more than a day or two, in which situation I save myself the difficulty as well as avoid it.


Give it a try sometime! Keyboard manis — they’re a thing.

Your friendly community charm addict,


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