NUDESTIX rock N’ Roller easy eyeliner Ink: 3 things You need to know

wearing the new NUDESTIX rock N’ Roll easy eyeliner Ink in golden Rosé
There’s an unwritten but not-so-secret policy in the makeup Codex (which is an official-sounding book I just made up…but it’s real, though!) that says that if you’re in a hurry, don’t even think about attempting liquid liner, because you will regret it — we’re talking certain disaster — and generally, I agree, because whenever I’ve tried to do a cute cat eye flick with liquid liner while I was rushing, I’ve ended up with a pterodactyl wing instead — one that spreads from the corner of my eye up into my hairline.

But there’s an exception to this policy when you’re using the new NUDESTIX rock N’ Roller easy eyeliner Inks ($24 each and available in three shades). I’ve been using them in 10-minute-makeup looks lately, and I’m able to draw dainty cat eye flicks with them every time.


That’s Bronze Patina on my upper lash lines.
1. They’re much easier to use than the MAC “pizza cutter” liner.

When it pertains to liquid liners with a roller wheel applicator (commonly known as a “pizza cutter liner”), I’d previously only tried the MAC one, and I thought it was quite challenging (and ticklish!) to use. Not only did/does the applicator tickle…but the liquid tightens up on my skin when it dries.

Not the case wit hNUDESTIX rock N’ Roller.

The “pizza cutter” applicator

The roller wand looks like the MAC one, but it’s SO much much easier to use (and less ticklish). Plus, the liquid doesn’t do that odd tightening thing. It also dries much quicker, so I’m not stuck sitting there with my eyes closed while I wait for my liner to dry.


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A closer look at golden Rosé…
2. The metallic rose gold and the bronze are fab for quickie makeup looks.

I’ve tried two of the three colors — metallic warm-toned golden Rosé and metallic Bronze Patina — and it’s easy to knock out quick makeup looks with them. I’ll just draw a flick at the outer corner, then a line along my upper lash line, connect the two, and I’m done.

Both the rose gold and bronze have lots of pigment, too, so you can see that you’re absolutely wearing liner (yay!), but they’re both still light enough that you can’t see mistakes.

Like, if I fudge the edge of the line a little, and the line isn’t perfectly crisp, you really can’t tell from a few feet away.

And the best part? They stay put all day.

Golden Rosé and Bronze Patina
There’s also a matte black one, which I haven’t tried, but I’d like to. I wonder if it’s just as easy, because black is often the toughest liquid liner to conquer. There’s just so little room for error with it.

3. beginners can absolutely use these.


NUDESTIX bills these as liquid liners for beginners, and I wholeheartedly agree, at least with the metallic shades I’ve tried.

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