Open Thread: The Garlic Fries edition

Garlic fries: my rationale for eating them includes the truth that they are made from vegetables; therefore, eating a big stack of garlic fries is virtually the exact same thing as eating a salad. Also, because I like to smother mine with ketchup (aka “tomatoes”), it’s like I’m topping them with additional vegetables, so I’m being additional healthy.

OK, I know, this is totally crazy logic, however let me have my thing. I believe garlic fries ought to be a bonafide food group.


In situation you were wondering…those garlic fries up above were not my breakfast (although I have completely done that)! I took this picture at the ballpark on Wednesday at the Giants game with my good friend Marisol.

I barely understand anything whatsoever about baseball, so I’m not a hardcore fan like Marisol is, however I still like going to the games because, I mean, the food (obviously), as well as hanging out with a friend.

And it’s fun to people view as well as be outside.


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So, here’s an SF Giants fun fact: when a hometown player is as much as bat, they have their own style music! Yeah, they pick out a tune before the season starts, I guess, as well as whenever they’re as much as bat, it blasts over the stadium speakers.

This, of course, got me believing about my own “up-to-bat” song… I’m 95% sure that it would be Cheryl Lynn’s got To Be Real.

OK, sufficient rambling. Let’s get on with today’s open thread.

Whatever you feel like chatting about — makeup, blogging, photography, cats, food, fashion (don’t get me started on my new preferred store, LOFT), shoes or whatever. Or, perhaps you’d just like to tell me about your cats in excellent detail. That would be extremely great too. Whatever you’re in the mood for.

See you soon in the comments!


Your friendly community charm addict,



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