Do You wear makeup When You go on Vacation?

Basking in the beignet-fueled afterglow last week after breakfast at cafe Du Monde in new Orleans (there are most likely a thousand beignets as well as two tons of powdered sugar just to my right in this picture)
Do I ever wear makeup on vacation?

Oh, totally, I do. In fact, I don’t believe I’ve ever not brought makeup with me on vacation, however what I end up using depends upon what I’ll be doing, of course. Like, if it’s a beach trip, I’ll usually just fill in my brows as well as curl my lashes as well as go on about my high-intensity relaxing, however if I’ll be walking around someplace, buying as well as sightseeing, then I’ll usually do some type of customized version of a routine non-vacation daily look.


And by “modified,” I mean that I’ll see exactly how much I can get away with before El Hub starts getting antsy.

Oh, about the makeup I’m using above, that’s quite much what I used daily of my trip to new Orleans — a bit feline eye flick, a bit of bronzer, blush as well as a bright lip.

Believe or not, it stayed put with the NOLA rain as well as ridiculous humidity. If you’re thinking about hearing more about that as well as the look I’m using up top, let me know!

Do you usually wear makeup when you go on vacation, as well as if you do, do you ever go all out?


Your friendly community beauty addict,


P.S. happy Tuesday.

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