Checking In: Swooning Over Chanel nail Polish, Briogeo Hair Oil and needing a Nap…

Not that I need another Chanel nail polish because, side note, I’m trying to keep my beauty collection streamlined on all fronts, buuuuuut I saw this navy blue stunner on Chanel’s beauty community Instagram feed and swooned! It was a fainting couch moment, trust.


It reminds me a little of the shade Orage from certain angles but brighter and slightly less moody.

Chanel Le Vernis nail Colour in Orage, $27

While we’re on the topic of trying to keep things streamlined, this morning I was cleaning up the little vanity area in my bathroom and debated whether or not I was going to keep this bottle of Briogeo Don’t Despair repair Strengthening treatment Oil. I got it a while back, and it’s a little tricky to use.

A little Sephora pit stop
I bought it partly because I like the flowers and partly because I like the idea of having a non-silicone hair oil, but eh, it’s just OK. I have to be very careful with the amount I use, because no joke, one drop too many, and my hair ends up super greasy and flat. Not cute!


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I’ve found a way to make it work by mixing a couple drops into a leave-in conditioner (my go-to is Odele’s at the moment), but the difference in my hair really isn’t significant, so I probably won’t be buying it again. I’m still on the hunt for a hair oil without silicone, so if you have one to recommend, let me know.

Another thing I discovered while I was cleaning out my vanity — this tiny little jar of LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask. I got it from Sephora last June as a free birthday gift, and I’ve had it for months but haven’t touched it, so today, after my shower, I used it to moisturize my body. LOL! I figure it’s better than just letting it sit there.

Well, hello there Rosie-Pose!
And you know what, my skin feels pretty soft. I might just put it on my face. LOL!

I hope everything on your end is well. things are good here, just a little busier than usual. I had a slew of deadlines at work this week, and that coupled with all the holiday stuff Connor has going on (a recital last weekend and a Christmas performance last night), I’ve been going hard from one task to the next.


Are you feeling the holiday spirit yet? For Christmas this year, I’m thinking of asking Santa to give me a five hour block to myself so I can take a nap! now that would be a Christmas miracle.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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