Uneven Eyeliner? Here’s a suggestion That may repair Your Woes

eyeliner Woes: Vol. #3,451
If it seems like I talk about unequal eyeliner every five seconds, it’s since I do. I talk about unequal eyeliner EVERY five SECONDS.



What I wouldn’t provide to be one of those gals who can just paint a ideal line in a single swoosh!

Now, taking a look at the glass as if it’s half full, I have stumbled on a few suggestions as well as workarounds to assist me offer with my chronically unequal eyeliner, as well as one of them is that it assists TREMENDOUSLY to begin by lining my upper water lines (also understood as “tightlining”), as well as then drawing my eyeliner on my lash lines after that.

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I utilized to begin by lining my lash lines first, as well as I’d do my finest to make sure that the lines on both eyes were similarly thick as well as symmetrical. then I’d tightline my upper water lines.


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But when I’d look in the mirror, the liner on one eye would always, always be thicker than the other! — as well as for the longest time I couldn’t figure out why it was happening.

The “Aha!” moment came when I reversed the purchase just for kicks. someday I tightlined my upper water line first, as well as then did my lash line.

I couldn’t believe it! My liner looked much more even! So what the heck happened?

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Well, it turns out that my eyes aren’t symmetrical (but many people’s aren’t). one of them is somewhat larger than the other, as well as I have a bit much more lid area along the lash line on that one.

So, when I was lining my upper lash lines very first as well as trying to match the thickness of the lines on my left as well as best eyes, when I’d comply with up by filling out my upper water line, it essentially made the lines I’d just drawn on my upper lash line look thicker.

OK, that’s confusing as well as didn’t make a great deal of sense, however you get what I’m saying.

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Reversing the process helps. When I tightline my upper water line first, I then utilize that line as a guide, as well as depending upon which eye I’m working on, I compensate by thickening or thinning the liner on my upper lash line to get it as symmetrical as possible.

Try tightlining first, as well as then drawing liner along your lash line…
If you wrestle with unequal eyeliner as well as likewise tightline, provide this suggestion a try.


Out of curiosity, are both of your eyes the exact same size as well as shape? My best eye is somewhat bigger than my left as well as has a somewhat deeper crease.

Your friendly community charm addict,


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