This Matte brown classic Eye makeup opts for everything

This is an easy, everyday classic eye look.
If I were cruelly forced to select a tiny handful of eye makeup looks to wear for the rest of my life the rest of the winter, this matte brown look with brownish black eyeliner would absolutely make the cut.

Not only is it relatively quick to do (say 15-20 minutes start to finish), it’s also easy because it doesn’t heavily rely on intense blending.


Products I used…
A banging’ brew of browns

So, what makes it relatively easy? Answer: The two brown shades — the golden brown on my lids (MAC Cork) and the warmer orangey brown in my crease (MAC Saddle) — are similar tones, which makes blending them together easier.

In fact, if you’re really pressed for time, you can even skip the warm brown in the crease, and just wear the golden brown eyeshadow all over your lids.

That said, I do like the warm brown in the crease because, especially when I’m wearing a little bronzer, a warm brown in the crease ties everything together nicely.


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Always adjustable

Another added perk to this look is that it really does work with everything — bold lipsticks, nude lipsticks, no lipstick in any way (for when I’m masked up). It’s quite flexible.

With a bold lip color, MAC Powder Kiss liquid Lipcolour in Escandalo. long live Lipstick Tee in Red Hibiscus.
Same eyes makeup, different lip color (MAC Powder Kiss liquid Lipstick in Crossfade mixed with Sorry Not Sorry)
I feel good in this makeup! long live Lipstick Tee in Driftwood.
Base notes

Oh, and about that eyeshadow base — in the pics above, I’m purposefully wearing a beige cream eye primer with a beige powder eyeshadow buffed on top, which are lighter than my skin tone. I do this because, when I want browns to show up on my brown skin, I have to go lighter with my base. That makes them pop. I recommend opting for a base that’s similar to your skin tone.

Sometimes, though, I skip the beige base entirely and just do a swish of golden brown eyeshadow all over my lids, like in this photo below:

I’m wearing MAC Cork all over my lids without an eyeshadow base. The lipstick is MAC Relentlessly Red. nail polish is Duri When in Rome. Nap then attack Tee.
See how the brown shadow adds a touch of depth to my crease? but not as much as it does when there’s a beige base underneath? I think it still works, though.


Your friendly neighborhood appeal addict,


P.S. Today is inauguration day here in the US. Congratulations and good luck to president Biden and Vice president Harris!

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