The NARS spring 2017 Wildfire Collection Lipsticks as well as Lip Glosses

using new NARS Kiss Me silly Lipstick from the spring 2017 Wildfire Collection
OK, so I understand that I make grammatical errors left as well as right, as well as I comprise words like haaay I compose run-on sentences such as this one I state “yay!” instead of “yea!” as well as I utilize as well lots of emojis as well as LOLs as well as elipses…

But I do make an effort to at least put my apostrophes where they’re meant to go, although I don’t lose any type of sleep over it when I make errors or compose “gonna” instead of “going to.” I’m not gonna (haha) throw a vase across the space when I come across one of my old articles where I stated LOL 20 times as well as utilized punctuation incorrectly (although it does drive me batty when I mix up “you’re” as well as “your”).


That said, it would truly assist me if somebody over at team NARS might clear up something about new Kiss Me silly Lipstick from the NARS spring 2017 Wildfire Collection.

Like, is there meant to be a comma in there? Is it, like, “Kiss me, stupid,” like you’re speaking to somebody as well as saying, “Hey, stupid! get over right here as well as kiss me”? Or, does it requirement an exclamation mark since it’s a declarative statement? “Kiss me stupid!” since I want you to kiss me up until I can’t even keep in mind my name or see directly anymore?

I’m so confused…


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NARS Kiss Me silly Lipstick, $28

Oh! I such as this color a lot. When you very first see it out of the tube, it’s like hmm… normal matte, ’90s brown, however this poor kid is a desert sunset in a tube. When you try it on, it becomes a warm, satiny terracotta infused with a fiery reddish orange as well as subtle golden sparkles. It fits in fabulously with the whole Wildfire color story.

Swatches of the NARS spring 2017 Wildfire Collection Lipsticks in Kiss Me silly (top) as well as breaking complimentary (bottom)
NARS Asphalt Jungle Lip Gloss, $26

The whole “You gotta try it on to appreciate it” thing likewise occurred to me with Asphalt Jungle Lip Gloss.

OMG! swatch it. Ooh. get it on your lips. Ah! autumn in love.

Asphalt Jungle Lip Gloss

This bronzed plum with multicolored flecks of shine reminds me of MAC Oh infant Lipglass, except that it’s like Oh infant to the penultimate degree, with a plum tint as well as blue, eco-friendly as well as pink sparkles.

Be wary of mirrors while using this one, since when you catch a look of it sparkling on your lips, you’ll most likely lose your sh*t.

Why!? Why is this restricted edition!? Life can be so cruel…


Oops! I requirement to back up a little. I got as well ecstatic there as well as fail to remember to state that there are four lip products in this collection — two lipsticks as well as two lip glosses. The lipsticks are $28 each, as well as the glosses are $26.

All of them, with the exception of Aragon, are restricted edition, as well as they’re all offered now with the rest of the spring Wildfire Collection.

Oh, as well as the lipsticks as well as glosses are unscented as well as unflavored.

Thank gosh! keep in mind a few years back when NARS glosses smelled as well as tasted kinda like plastic? It was like nibbling on a Barbie doll.

Swatches of the NARS spring 2017 Wildfire Collection Lip Glosses in Aragon (top) as well as Asphalt Jungle (bottom)
Now, back to Asphalt Jungle Lip Gloss…

The pigment is medium to full, so a bit bit of your natural lip color will peek though, which works well in this situation considering that it isn’t a extremely dark color as well as still seems best for spring.

I haven’t batted my lashes at anything other than a nude gloss in months, however I believe Asphalt Jungle is incredible. Don’t miss it.

NARS breaking complimentary Lipstick, $28

I wished to like bright neon coral breaking complimentary Lipstick, however it’s thick, patchy as well as incredibly dry, guys. I just can’t get it to work. It catches on every lip flake as well as makes my pout look a thousand years old.

Not the greatest fan…

Breaking complimentary Lipstick
NARS Aragon Lip Gloss, $26

I do like chestnut red Aragon Lip Gloss, however I’m not head over heels in like with it. It’s opaque, however it strikes me as a quite common reddish brown.

Not necessarily what I believe of when I believe of spring lip colors (more like fall), however I believe it’s pretty, albeit forgettable.

Aragon Lip Gloss
The verdict

For me, the lippies in this introduce are all about the browns — Kiss Me silly Lipstick as well as Asphalt Jungle Lip Gloss. Those two are my favorites.

You’re the greatest part of me…

I was listening to an ’80s station on Sonos radio the other day while prepping lunch veggies for the week (I made these rainbow roasted carrots, yum!) when this tune came on…

You’re the greatest part of me!

I always believed this tune was called Make a Wish, Baby, however it’s not. say thanks to you, Internet, for lastly clearing it up for me.

Also, say thanks to you, Internet, for letting me understand that it’s not a Hall & Oates tune (OMG, like THEM). It’s by a band called Ambrosia.


I have no concept who they are, however they sing this charming song. I’ve been listening to it very first thing in the morning for the past few days.

Your friendly community appeal addict,


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