Sundays With Tabs the Cat, makeup and beauty blog Mascot, Vol. 393

Dear Diary,

It has come to my attention that my assistant photobombed one of my selfies and then shared it on Instagram.


While I do look quite dashing in the picture, this is a gross violation of her employment contract, and I might have to write her up… We’ll see how she does with my dinner tonight. If it meets with my satisfaction, I may just let her off with a verbal warning.

Oh! This weekend I continued updating my portfolio. I found some old kitty modeling pics on a thumb drive. What do you think of this glamour shot of me gazing up at a bejeweled crown?

Don’t I look majestic and regal?

Or how about this more casual picture of me and my assistant? She appears to be understandably enthusiastic about appearing in a photo with me.

I also came across a series of instructional kitty modeling memes I did with Marmalade, my professional nemesis.

I remember that shoot… Marmalade was so annoying! I really wanted to swat his face, but that wouldn’t have been professional.

And then some of these are pics I took myself using my tripod and a timer.


What do you think, Diary? Which of these should I add to my portfolio?

I kind of like the one where I’m draped across my assistant’s arm and keyboard. I like that you can really see my stunning marbling.

Kitty hugs and nose kisses,

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