Oribe at Costco

say what?!
Girl! In case you were wondering where the discounted luxury product party’s at, it’s at Costco, LOL!

I was aimlessly meandering around the vitamin and supplement and beauty product aisles when I spotted something “Oribe” on a shelf, which was crazy because I’ve only seen Oribe at salons.


But Costco is selling full-sized 3.4-oz. bottles of Côte d’Azur Hair and Body Oil for $29.97 — bottles that normally sell for $75 a pop.

That’s over half off, dude!

I wasn’t even there expecting to find a deal like that. I went because I’d heard that my favorite protein drinks were on sale for 20% off (public service announcement), but you know how it is… Costco. There’s those lines, and it’s almost impossible to go in and grab one thing and leave. It just feels totally wrong to me on so many levels. You gotta walk around, have some quinoa samples, check out the deals on extra large wedges of sharp cheddar cheese, read some book covers, and contemplate buying at least one 10-pack of underwear, or a leather recliner, or a lemon tree.


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That’s just how it is when we’re talking about Costco. You need to take it aaall in and embrace the chaos, because sometimes that leads to epic discoveries and great beauty deals.

I was severely tempted, because you know how I feel about Oribe (and I’ve never tried the Côte d’Azur Hair and Body Oil before), but I passed on it this time because I still have almost a full bottle of Aveda Shampure hair and body oil to finish. but if it’s still there next time I go, I’m grabbing a bottle.

I do love the Côte d’Azur body scrub, which smells exactly like a first class ticket to Bora Bora with a two-week stay at the St. Regis to me.

There were also full-sized cans of Oribe Superfine Hair Spray for $19.97 each (regularly $36 everywhere else), which I was less excited about, but still… Sale!

My lizard brain wonders if these are legit Oribe products and not the knockoffs that have been known to end up at discount stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls, but Costco’s a big company (I mean, dude, they sell diamond engagement rings!), so I’m assuming they aren’t fake.


So, yeah, next time you’re at Costco buying a 50-pound bag of kitty kibble, be sure to swing by the beauty section. Oh, and if you happen to ever see the $69 Oribe Gold Lust Pre-Shampoo Intensive treatment on sale while you’re there, please let me know, because I would jump at the chance to grab a jar of that on discount.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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