Can’t miss Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day Tchotchkes at Target

love ya, indicate it!
Have I been hiding in one of those vineyard white wine cellar caves, or has Galentine’s Day always been a thing? I saw these cards at Target the other day…

This is absolutely a thing.
Galentine’s Day piggybacks on the spirit of Valentine’s Day to celebrate (and capitalize on!) the love and friendship between gal pals.


Yeah…it’s mostly just a marketing ploy to take all our lunch money, but I support the concept of Galentine’s as a holiday, because without my girl gang (yes, that’s you), I’d be comatose on the floor in a heap of tears a lot of of the time. You’ve helped me through so lots of ups and downs, and I hope I’ve helped you over the years. We lift each other up in so lots of ways.

Aw, Galentine’s Day… Ya turn me into such a sap!

Gee, though, it was hard resisting the urge to put everything pink/heart-emblazoned/love-related in my cart because the cuteness was happening all around, starting with these sweet mugs…


Cats & makeup Sweatshirt ??


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My favorite’s the mustache and lipstick duo.

For your gal-pal-on-the-go and/or doughnut enthusiast, this bright and pleasant coffee or tea mug would be a great gift…

Or how about these Valentine’s Day jewelry trays? I think these would be really helpful myself, considering that I keep jewelry trays in every room to minimize the odds of me losing earrings, rings and whatnot. Your friend could also use one for makeup, too. Or cam cards. Or enameled pins!

I’m just sayin’, jewelry trays are hella useful.

I call this frame “The cat lady Special” — just insert a photo of your friend’s feline family, et voila! cat lady CATNIP. I would personally flip out if someone got this frame and put a picture of Tabs in it for me!

And, of course, nothing says “You’re my BFF 4 Life” like a stuffed rainbow llama.

How about home decoration for your friend who watches HGTV 24/7?

If you can’t decide what to get, there’s always the candy aisle…

There are the standard-issue Valentine’s Day treats, as well as your non-typical items, like this heart-shaped star Wars-themed box of chocolates (hey, your best friend might be a star Wars fan!)…

Side note: I’m pretty sure I’m Sith.
And this tub of rose cotton candy!

If your best gal friend is single and ready to mingle, you could always hook her up with the best dude…

And if she lives far away, you could decorate a mailing box and ship him directly to her, so he arrives at her door.


Happy Galentine’s Day! ?

Your friendly neighborhood appeal addict,


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