Have You ever cut Your own Bangs?

Well, there was a time back in my hair-bear days, around 14 and 15, when I would take any old pair of scissors and just, like, trim my bangs willy-nilly.

I purposefully cut them choppy and at different lengths because I wanted “a layered look” (seriously, Karen?!), even though I really didn’t understand what that meant…


The front looked crazy, dude! but I didn’t care. As long as those bangs were high and lacquered such that not even a category 5 hurricane could fell them, I was happy.

But I’d never attempt it now. I think I’ve gotten progressively less coordinated over the years. I probably shouldn’t be manipulating scissors anywhere near my face.

I don’t know… I can see myself trimming off an eyebrow or a big chunk of my lashes by accident. Or poking an eyeball, OMG!


Bangs! have you ever cut yours? (I’m hoping that your story ends on a positive note.)

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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