Glowing Khaki Lids and Coral Lips (A 15-Minute makeup Look)…and a Pumpkin Cupcake Question!

Let’s go, glow!
If you ever need to “improv” maracas (it could happen), just get hold of a jar of autumnal sprinkles, and give ’em a little shake! They’ll get the job done in a pinch.

Yes, Bon Jovi is feeling IT.


I wore this khaki makeup look to the bakery last Friday, by the way.

Fall colors and an improv instrument in one fell swoop
It was inspired by this jar of mixed sprinkles and these fall leaf cupcake liners I found at Michaels.

Aren’t they pretty? I just love the greens and golds, and the little sugar dots have a subtle shimmer.


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I was trying to channel fall by means of the khaki lids (which come courtesy of MAC Sumptuous Olive eyeshadow (an oldie but goodie) and Maybelline Jade Olive (a drugstore superhero), but it turned out a lot more summer time than I thought it would. HELLO, story OF MY LIFE.

I was going for fall colors, really!
I mean, I could’ve swapped the coral matte lip for something like MAC Burnt Spice, but I swear, I could not physically stop my hand from grabbing that coral. I saw my hand reach out, and I literally could not stop myself (coral addicts, you know what I’m talking about).

The glowing skin upped the summery-ness of the look even more, and that’s the work of this new-to-me product from It Cosmetics called Bye Bye foundation full coverage moisturizer SPF 50+ in Tan.

I didn’t anticipate so much sheen from this tinted moisturizer. It’s very similar to NARS Pure Radiant — so it’s dewy, but with slightly a lot more coverage and an even shinier finish. My skin ended up with a beach babe glow, and even though I tried to matte it down with a loose powder, it was still incredibly shiny.

Basically, this stuff really wants to glow on your face!

Overall, I think it’s just OK… It doesn’t feel heavy, which is nice, and it does give a good amount of coverage, but I’m not crazy about the Tan color (I think it’s a little too gray on me) or how the finish seems to amplify the size of my pores.

Anyway, I’m gonna take another crack at another autumnal look again soon, maybe with a brown smoky eye, or — ooh! — maybe a cranberry smoky eye with gold liner? We’ll see what happens… I have to admit that there still exists a slim chance that whatever I do will go summer time again, because that’s just the story of my makeup life, HA HA HA!

This is what happens when you let your hair do whatever it wants, and you just opt for it…

Makeup worn in this look

Eyes: MAC Sumptuous Olive (lids), MAC texture Eyeshadow (crease), Maybelline Jade Olive liner (eyeshadow base and liner), MAC extended Play Perm Me Up Lash, benefit precisely My Brow

Cheeks: Flesh Caress and Glaze Blushes

Lips: MAC privacy Please Matte Lip Mousse (from the pony Park collection)

Base: It Cosmetics Bye Bye foundation Full-Coverage moisturizer in Tan (from a QVC November launch coming soon), make up For Eve Ultra HD Concealer in Y41, Chanel loose Powder

Before I go, I have a question for you…

Rather, it’s for your sweet tooth.


What do you think of a pumpkin pie spiced cupcake with pecans coated in brown sugar? would the pecans be too much? I’ve been trying to think of a way to marry pumpkin pie with pecan pie, and this seems like a good mix to my tummy. Of course, I tend to want to put everything and the kitchen sink in my baked goods, so I’d love a second opinion.

Your friendly neighborhood appeal addict,


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