Saturday Surfing, January 20th, 2018

Ah… Gotta provide it as much as mom Nature for coming up with the coffee as well as tea plants. That very first cup of tea/coffee/mocha-frappa-whatever-is-your-Saturday-morning-beverage is a wonderful signal to my body (and my mind!) that it’s time to unwind! It’s the freakin’ weekend, baby, as well as I’m gonna have me some fun.

Today I’m doing a sluggish ramp up since I’m craving this Celestial Seasonings Decaf wonderful Coconut Thai Chai tea. It tastes like a blend of chai as well as Thai teas, so I’m going to begin with that, then step onto the huge guns (COFFEE, COFFEE, COFFEE).


Then, I’m gonna tuck myself beneath a blanket as well as get cracking on a book I borrowed from the library called If You Were Here, by Jen Lancaster (it’s meant to be funny).

I don’t understand if you’re in the mood to checked out ideal now, however right here are a few on the internet stories that struck my elegant this week…

Makeup boosts my confidence. When I apply it, it’s like I’m donning my marvelous medieval armor to deal with the perils of daily life.
(Nobody can mess with me when my brows are filled in, honey.)

Apparently, the exact same goes for the young women who contend in Utah cross country/track & field, which I believe is awesome! Their slogan is “Look good, feel good, race good,” as well as they bond on race days by putting on their makeup together.

What they wear is as much as each person’s prerogative, as well as there’s no judgment on exactly how much fleek (or exactly how bit fleek) somebody makes a decision to don during competition.

Good recommendations from IT Cosmetics creator Jamie Kern Lima on the value of being persistent as well as trusting your instincts, as well as not only in exactly how it applies to being a startup entrepreneur, however to life in general.
“The greatest hurdle was hearing the word ‘no’ from just about every retailer,” she composes of the difficulties she dealt with growing her business. “But I made a decision that it just indicated ‘not yet.’ all of our a lot of crucial partners to our service today turned us down at first — in some cases, a number of times. however we kept being persistent, focusing on genuinely establishing life-changing products, as well as genuine women anywhere started spreading the word about the brand up until ultimately we got a ‘yes’ from every retailer.”

Note to self: when people state “no,” it just indicates “not yet.”

Are you into special impacts makeup? I don’t have much experience with it (there was that a person time…), however I like seeing exactly how FX makeup artists bring characters to life.
Special makeup impacts artist Arjen Tuiten did Angelina Jolie’s makeup in Maleficent, produced creatures in Pan’s Labyrinth and, a lot of recently, serviced the movie, Wonder, a story about a kid born with facial differences who enters a mainstream elementary institution for the very first time. actor Jacob Tremblay sat in Tuiten’s makeup chair for a lot more than an hour every day to get prepped for the day’s filming.

China currently needs animal testing on imported appeal goods, as well as the policy applies to whatever offered under that umbrella, from lipsticks to blush to sunblock to deodorant.
But thanks to new advancements in product testing technology, China may be moving toward ending its animal testing requirements.

Calling all #makeuphoarders! Take these steps, according to a KonMari expert, to cull your collection.

If Connor Claire ultimately makes it to Mars (Most likely as part of the second wave of NASA’s manned MARS missions, since she’ll be a bit as well young for the first. Yes, El Hub as well as I have discussed this at length.), I hope that she 1) trusts me sufficient to enjoy her cats, as well as 2) asks for my assist in preparing her appeal set for space.
It will definitely be hipper than the makeup kits NASA’s predominantly male engineers suggested for women back in the the late ’70s, which was when women were very first enabled to join the shuttle corps.

Also, don’t miss this piece on a painter who utilizes lipstick as her medium, bugs (yes, the weird crawly kind!) in your makeup, as well as scents for dudes that will make your guy odor tasty (Valentine’s Day is ideal around the corner).

Other than reading (which is fundamental), I don’t have a great deal organized this weekend. I want to do some cleaning since operation spring cleaning 2018 starts ideal meow, as well as bake some lemon bars, however that’s about it.


What’s on your agenda?

Your friendly community appeal addict,


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