Brand Spotlight: metropolitan Decay

When I believe of metropolitan Decay, the very first thing that concerns mind isn’t nakedness or bright colors…

It’s grass.


Because when I went to their southern California offices a few years back (and had a major fangirl moment when I satisfied Wende Zomnir IN THE FLESH!!), I was tripping out over exactly how the floors in their bathrooms appeared like grass…

I mean, if there’s anything that might provide you a great concept of what a makeup brand is truly like, it’s having grass-printed floors in the bathroom.

It’s been fascinating to view the brand grow from a little niche makeup line (remember when you might only discover their nail polishes at, like, metropolitan Outfitters?) into a major makeup player, as well as now with L’Oreal backing them, it seems like they’re doing a great deal of different things as well as broadening their line quicker than you can state “Perversion Pencil.”


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Case in point: UD’s newest launches. Here’s a listing of a few of the recent metropolitan Decay protection on MBB…

four steps to fantastic autumn Matte Lips
FOTD candy colored bright Blue With metropolitan Decay Chaos
Purple Lids With the UD prince Let’s Go crazy combination | twist by Ouidad, a new Curly Hair Line at Target | nail beauty salon Shenanigans
The UD prince Collection Swatches, very first Impressions as well as a deal with of the Day
final Word on the metropolitan Decay naked Wild West combination | A quite Pink Cheek as well as Lip combo With Jane Iredale clearly Pink blush as well as Origins Dusky increased Lipstick
Rainbow Nails as well as bright Lips, Funfetti Cake, as well as the MAC makeup in “Promising young Woman”
stylish brick brown Lids as well as Charcoal Wings (and a chocolate Chip Applesauce Cake Recipe!)
Soft Teal Wings With the metropolitan Decay naked Wild West, a new Tea From Trader Joe’s, as well as chocolate Chip Cake!
warm Reddish brown Smokey Eyes With Teal Lids as well as liner | Day 2 With the metropolitan Decay naked Wild West Palette
Bronze as well as gray Lids With the metropolitan Decay naked Wild West Palette
stylish as well as polished makeup for All events With lively Pink Cheeks as well as Lips, as well as Cool-Toned Matte Grays to Contour Lids
This Matte brown traditional Eye makeup chooses Everything
Unsung makeup Heroes: metropolitan Decay stay naked Threesome in Naked
new metropolitan Decay stay naked Hydromaniac tinted glow Hydrator: Long-Lasting Hydration in a Skin-Like Base
Goin’ OTT in the Burbs! eco-friendly Lids as well as Glitter, as well as a new preferred nude Lip Combo
metropolitan Decay decades Collection Swatches as well as Impressions
A 15-Minute deal with With Shimmering Cocoa Brown, Pink as well as Gold
metropolitan Decay empire eyeliner Is an captivating Jewel-Toned Gem
A Ghost Bride Vibe: Sooty Smokey Lids With Matte Black Lips
inspecting In: A Chanel blush clean Haunting, as well as a Jewel-Toned FOTD With Purple Lids!
FOTD: stylish increased Quartz Gemstone Lids With a Smokey Bronze lower Lash Line


Do you wear much metropolitan Decay? If so what are your preferred UD products as well as things about the brand? Inquiring minds want to know.

Your friendly community charm addict,


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