The strange as well as the fantastic

So much blue!
I like that anywhere we are in the world, be it a hilly hamlet in the ‘burbs (hello, Novato!) or a busy metropolis like London, we can, at any type of provided time, discover things that are strange as well as wonderful.

For example, I walked into Safeway a couple weeks back to get some kimchi.


Long story, however there aren’t any type of Oriental grocery stores in Novato, as well as the closest one is about 10 miles away, as well as I didn’t want to hop on the freeway.

Anyway, I went to Safeway to get some overpriced kimchi, as well as where I walked in was on the side with the floral department.

Boom! I walked into a deluge of these crazy blue orchids…


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Sometimes I feel like that a person lonely non-blue orchid, LOL!
It was type of surreal! like I was in a sci-fi movie.

I keep in mind reading someplace that blue is the rarest (or one of the rarest?) color in nature, as well as it did feel strange to see so numerous blue flowers concentrated in one place.

They look like technicolor flowers, don’t they? Actually, I don’t understand exactly how I feel about them… On one hand, I can’t stop staring, however on the other hand, there’s something a bit off about them.

I dunno. What do you think?

That reminds me…on one more trip, this to Woodlands Pet Food & Treats, since they bring Ziwi Peak, which is Tabs’ preferred food (it’s from new Zealand, as well as he’s type of bougie like that), however it’s extremely expensive, so I get it for him every when in a while as a special treat, as I surveyed the shelves, I found something I’d never seen before called poultry Soup for the spirit feline Food.

I question if it’s as inspiring as the book, LOL! I believe I may have a copy around right here somewhere that I got from my mom…

Wait — what?!

I question if it’s called that since the people who purchase the book are mainly feline ladies? If so, exactly how did anybody even discover this out?! as well as what’s the connection between the book as well as the food? Is the food expected to soothe my soul, or my cat’s? as well as why are none of these flavors really poultry soup?

This is so confusing to me. perhaps I’m taking it as well literally…

Yeah, I most likely am.

Still, I believe it’s oddly delightful.

I can’t tell if that feline is upset or happy, which is one of the things I like about CATS.
Peep the women hugging their cats on the labels, as well as the label line: “Because food is much more than just nutrition. It’s likewise about comfort, like as well as appreciation.”

I can completely get behind that, even if this whole circumstance is confusing to me.

Because food is much more than just nutrition…
I would’ve gotten Tabs a can, however he’s gotten so picky as well as diva-ish about his food in his senior years.


Anyway, keep a lookout for strange as well as fantastic things on your travels today. let me understand what you find.

Your friendly community charm addict,


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