My Cosmetics stock Spreadsheet

There’s curiosity about my cosmetics stock spreadsheet so I believed I would dedicate an entry on exactly how it pertained to be.  I produced my cosmetics spreadsheet on Sunday July 26, 2009 (as exposed by the Excel data properties). At the time, it was mostly a method to track my growing nail polish collection to ensure that I didn’t duplicate any type of of my Essie shades (at present count, I own 73 bottles of Essies – it is my much-loved nail polish formula).

Eventually I broadened the spreadsheet to include the complying with tabs:

eye shadows



face products

lip gloss / lip balms



tools (brushes)




The preliminary set up of the spreadsheet was a daunting task. If I had produced the spreadsheet from the inception of my very first appeal product purchase, it would have been a breeze. however I had to essentially do a full stock of my stock to build the spreadsheet – product by item, line by line.

Some of the products have no dates since I got them so long ago. (Click on any type of picture in this publish to enlarge)
It’s nothing revolutionary, it’s just a database to store info including the brand, product name, official colour name, date product was acquired, weight or volume of product.  I like to compose notes on what store I gotten the item, what collection it’s from, or some comments about its performance so it’s simple to refer to later on.

In addition to tracking products I currently own, I likewise utilize the spreadsheet to track products I have had as well as completed or purged, in addition to a wishlist – the “Status” column on the ideal hand side is as follows: o = own, g = gone, f = future purchase (aka wishlist).  I likewise colour code the lines for simple at-a-glance differentiation.

I like to track skincare products that I’ve tried as well as utilized up, as well as compose comments about the active components as well as exactly how I liked the product.  Sometimes I repurchase old forgotten favourites this way.

A snippet of my red nail polishes. obviously I own 43 red nail polishes.
The spreadsheet has progressed throughout the years – I’ve added a column for colour household as well as surface to assist me filter by qualities a lot more easily.  For instance, I can filter by the colour household “red” to see only the red nail polishes I own. I might additionally filter by brand or by finish, say, if I wished to discover only red Illamasquas in cream surface (I’ve got 3!)
So there you have it, my cosmetics spreadsheet.  I’ve never satisfied any individual in genuine life who keeps one however I have checked out on makeup forums that there are others available like me.  If you want to begin keeping one yourself, I’ve produced a Google Docs spreadsheet theme for you to use:

Download it here

Please read:

Go to File, then “Download as” to save it onto your computer, save it as Microsoft Excel.

Edit: I’ve added a tab in the data called “READ ME” which details 2 methods to save a copy of this theme so you can edit it.

It has some presets for colour household as well as completes to assist develop your cosmetics inventory.  If you don’t own Excel, you can always utilize either Google Docs or OpenOffice Calc (it’s complimentary as well as works truly well).  Let me understand if you do choose to utilize it!

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