What Was Your many Cringeworthy charm Moment?

We’ve all had them at one time or another…
Hmm, my many cringeworthy charm moment…

There are so numerous to select from, however I believe it was the time I took a purple as well as pink Dolce & Gabbana eyeshadow duo and, without much thought, plopped it on my eyes. as well as when I say, “without much thought,” I imply without much regard for blending or shift colors.


I put it on my eyes believing that it looked OK, as well as then I took photos of it for the blog (famous last words). I didn’t recognize up until afterward just how…not adorable the look was.

Then I thought, “Well, geez, that looks quite bad.”

Haha! To this day, I can’t believe I put that up. What the heck was I thinking??


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I mean…

I ought to most likely just delete that publish now, however whatever. It’s up. It’s there. It’s part of me.

It’s funny, however it seems like if you spend as well much time on Instagram, people have these ideal lives, however really, like, I’m making errors all the time, as well as they’re online, too!

But yeah, that was most likely the most cringeworthy of the charm cringeworthy. I’m sure that if I believe difficult enough, though, I’ll believe of more, haha.

How about you? What’s your many cringeworthy charm moment?

Next stop: stars Hollow

Twenty-nine sleeps.

Twenty-nine sleeps up until the gold… HAHA! I was going to state “The golden Girls,” however I implied to state “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.”

GAHHH! So excited. I desire we might see each other best now since then we’d be doing shared fist pumps in the air.

FIST PUMPS! I’m that stoked about the new episodes.

Last night I viewed the new trailer, as well as I may or may not have viewed it three times in a row.


Um, did I state that I’m truly excited? Can’t wait to go back to stars Hollow as well as see what the gang’s been up to.

Your friendly community charm addict,


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