Urban Decay autumn 2016: Glitter, Sparkle, radiate as well as an legendary Full-Coverage Matte foundation

Oh, my gawd! It’s so simple to get sucked into the glittery, shimmery, shiny vortex that is the metropolitan Decay autumn 2016 collection.

My eyes turned into emoji hearts ? the very first time I opened the Moondust Eyeshadow combination ($49), however to my surprise the thing that made me go “WHHHAAAAA!” the loudest was the All Nighter liquid foundation ($40).


Three shades of metropolitan Decay All Nighter liquid foundation for comparison
I’m not a full-coverage matte gal right now. right now I’m more into dewy completes as well as light-to-medium coverage. So I’m fine with my freckles peeking through, however this new foundation might convert me to team Full-Coverage Matte.

Like, seriously, I utilized half a pump of shade 7.0, which quite much a dead ringer for my MAC NC42 skin tone — half a pump, dude! — as well as I put it on with my fingers, thinking, “Whatever, let’s just see where this goes.”

Somehow, that little amount quite much covers my entire face. My skin looks even toned, as well as my pores look smaller, however the surface still looks natural, as well as not heavy or masky, which is a regular problems I have with a great deal of the full-coverage matte foundations available (ugh).


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If there’s anything in this release worthy of grabby hands, I believe it’s metropolitan Decay All night liquid Foundation.

The metropolitan Decay Razor Sharp Water-Resistant Longwear liquid Eyeliners ($22 each)
I mean, there’s likewise some other great stuff in the collection, like a new line of liquid eyeliners called the Razor Sharp Water-Resistant Longwear liquid Eyeliners ($22 each).

They have a clean applicator, which usually spells “wonky-@ss line” for me, however not with these, even when I quickly sloosh a little amount of Snakebite (the metallic coppery bronze) on my upper lash lines. The clean is really extremely smooth as well as simple to use!

11 of the 20 metropolitan Decay Razor Sharp Water-Resistant Longwear liquid Eyeliners

My lines end up nice as well as crisp. Oh, as well as the liquid formula? SO pigmented, as well as super shiny, too. plus it dries quickly, so you don’t have to sit there twiddling your thumbs with your eyes closed for days to prevent the liner from transferring from your lash line up into your crease (story of my life).

Urban Decay Moondust combination ($49)
There’s likewise a new Moondust Eyeshadow combination in the collection! It has eight new shades.

My like for the Moondusts already ran deep, however this made me even more enamored with them. They’re lovely if you like the look of glistening, almost glossy eyes. All you have to do is dip a finger into a pan, pat it on your lids, as well as you’ve gone from librarian to rock ‘n’ roll in less than 2.5 seconds.

Moondust Eyeshadow combination swatches (top row)
Moondust Eyeshadow combination swatches (bottom row)
The collection likewise includes a dark black Perversion Water-Proof Fine-Point Eye Pen ($20), as well as I like the super skinny point…but I’m going to most likely requirement more alone time with this liquid liner to see if we can be friends, since I’ve had some trubs getting a crisp edge with it.

Urban Decay Perversion Water-Proof Fine-Point Eye Pen
Lastly, the introduce includes a line of $28 color-correcting concealers called the naked Skin color Correcting Fluids.

So far, I’ve popped the peach under my eyes to test them, as well as uh…I didn’t truly see a huge difference. I still looked quite tired.

4 of the 5 metropolitan Decay naked Skin Concealers
Then again, Connor woke me up at 5:30 that day, so perhaps I just needed more industrial stamina color-correcting, haha!

I do like the creamy consistency of the corrector, though. It feels just like metropolitan Decay’s naked Concealer.

I plan to spend more high quality time with these poor boys as well as utilize them in looks this week, however so far, I’m truly feelin’ the foundation (OMG!!), the Moondust Eye combination as well as the liquid Eyeliners.

As for release dates, the Moondust combination is offered now online, as are the naked Skin color Correctors (sephora.com).

I’m not sure on the release dates of the All Nighter liquid Foundation, the Razor Sharp liquid Eyeliners as well as the Perversion Eye Pen, however I believe it’s risk-free to presume they’ll be on the internet as well as on counters soon.


Holla at me if anything right here catches your eye, will ya?

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