Does Guerlain eyebrow Pencil in 1 Brun suitable provide great Brow?

As far as high end/highfalutin eyebrow pencils are concerned, I think the ones by Tom Ford as well as hourglass are the ones to beat.

Today I thought Guerlain’s eyebrow Pencil in Brun suitable ($31) may join those two, as well as it probably would have if I’d been able to discover more colors.


So far, I’ve only discovered one — 1 Brun suitable — a light grayish brown, which, yeah, looks a little funky-town in my dark brows.

I think my skin tone brings out the purple in Brun Ideal, which makes the inner part of my brows look dark as well as the outer tail end look sort of grayish purple.


Things I like: the difficult pencil texture. It definitely clings to my skin as well as the brow hairs, which is good, as well as it stays put 9-10 hours without breaking up or fading, even when it’s hot outside.


It likewise comes with a sharpener, as well as you can never have too many of those.

But there’s that whole one color thing… There must be more of them out there. This can’t be the only one. Right?

I just wish there were more shades… For now, I think I’ll stick to Tom Ford’s Brow Sculptor, which comes in Blonde, Chestnut, Espresso as well as Taupe.

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