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Surprise! — Molton brown London’s Rhubarb & rose Replenishing Hand cream ($15) smells neither like roses nor rhubarb, even though it does include the extracts of both botanicals.

That said, I wouldn’t have been amazed if the brand had attempted said wacky scent combo and managed to pull it off. They are, after all, the gang behind Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod, which seemed to me like it would smell, I dunno, funky and spicy, but somehow — don’t ask me how — it completely worked.


To my basset hound-like sense of smell, Rhubarb & rose hand cream evokes fancy fizzy citrus cocktails. It has notes of yuzu (a citrus fruit originally from east Asia), grapefruit and mandarin. My schnoz also picks up a hint of sweet champagne. The concoction is very crisp and invigorating.

Quite the pick-me-up when I wear it.

The moisturizing cream also doesn’t coat my claws with an annoying sticky or greasy film, and it’s always quick to absorb.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the pink tube is cute.

There’s even a matching hand wash which, not gonna lie, I’m kind of obsessed with.


“Why?” you may ask.

Well…because it comes with a pink bow.

I’m a hand cream junkie (I always, ALWAYS, have one in my purse, and another one on my desk) and this one is my current crush. A 1.4-oz. tube of Rhubarb & rose Replenishing Hand cream will set you back $15, and you can find it now at Neiman Marcus stores and online.

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