Lise Watier just Nudes Eyeshadow palette

I rushed to get this evaluation up since I just couldn’t hold off on testing this puppy out as well as sharing my thoughts.  The Lise Watier Simply Nudes 12-Colour Eyeshadow palette is from the variations de Nude Spring 2016 collection:

I’ve neglected my job focus 10 palette (the Smashbox double Exposure) so I might wear this charm all week:

I chosen this palette up when I redeemed my optimal Points, so it didn’t expense me anything, however the retail cost of this palette is $65 CAD, for 12g of product (1g per colour/pan).  For those of you not familiar with the brand Lise Watier, it’s a Canadian mid-range cosmetics line that I would compare to Stila or Smashbox in terms of high quality – you can checked out much more about the brand viewpoint here. It is sold at consumers medication Mart, choose Sears as well as Hudson’s Bay locations. “Lise Watier” is pronounced Leez Watt-ee-yay.

Lise Watier’s description of this product:

A new generation of eyeshadows with a creamy powder texture that is ultra soft. The harmony of colours as well as the remarkable hold of this formula enable for a luminous as well as sublime look.

• Cream-powder formula
• High pigmentation
• several finishes, from matte to satin
• Paraben free

I was totally won over by this palette upon touching the eye shadows at the store – it felt incredibly smooth as well as buttery.  The curated colours in the palette are so nuanced as well as balanced – a bit of warmth however likewise some awesome tones, a mix of shimmers as well as mattes; it just looked so chic.  I believed this would be it: The ONE.  The palette to end all palettes.

First, the colours: there’s a great mix of nudes represented; from the MLBB (My Lids however Better) shades to the transitional colours, to the deeper crease shades. One might produce a broad variety of nudey type looks with this palette. I practically view the bottom row of colours as the shimmery counterparts to the top row of mattes (save for Cacao, the oddball matte shade on the bottom row).  What I particularly like about this palette is that I really can get a total eye look just utilizing this palette.  I don’t requirement to supplement it with a shift shade or a highlight colour – it’s all contained best here.

Top row (L to R):
Amande – ivory (matte)
Peau de pêche – light peach (matte)
Argile –  peach (matte)
Terre – greyed taupe (matte)
Caramel – yellowed brown (matte)
Cendre – charcoal brown (matte)

The texture of these is SO buttery. I understand makeup reviews frequently talk about triple jet-milled, ultra fine structures as well as whatnot, however these are honestly THE smoothest shadows I’ve ever felt with my flesh. as well as therein lies a downfall: it’s so fine that the powder can have a tendency to just blend away to nothing.  I discover that a patting movement rather than side to side is much better for applying these onto the lids.  From this row, I might have done away with Peau de pêche, it seems redundant. I like both Argile as well as Caramel.

Bottom row (L to R):
Lumière – champagne (shimmer)
Satin – light peach (shimmer)
Cacao – chocolate (matte)
Nude – light beige (shimmer)
Trésor – light bronze (shimmer)
Rose étain – taupe (shimmer)

The shimmers have a somewhat different feel than the mattes – a little much more spongey to the touch, they remind me a bit of the old Body shop eye shadows (pre-Color Crush crap) which were dreamy. The formula of these shimmers are less consistent across the board than the mattes – the three lighter shades are much much more shimmery compared to the darker shades which I would phone call frost finishes. The lone matte colour on this row, Cacao, has me scratching my head. My much-loved of these are Trésor as well as increased étain. general I preferred the matte formula over the shimmers in this palette, which works out well because there are 7 mattes as well as 5 shimmers (again, not sure why Lise Watier didn’t go even-steven here).

Lise Watier does insurance claim that this product is high pigmentation, however I’d have to add a caveat. It’s not high pigmentation that punches you in the face, it’s buildable pigmentation.  At very first swipe, you won’t be impressed, however at second swipe, you’ll recognize that the colour slowly builds – type of like a watercolour – producing a refined mixed look.  This high quality reminds me a great deal of the MUFE artist shadows. as well as similarly, these Lise Watier eye shadows likewise last an impressively long time on the lids without fading or creasing (over my typical lid primers).  These eye shadows do not kick up a great deal of dust, and I experienced no autumn out with them.

There is a duo ended sponge / brush included. Initially I wished to dock marks for the sponge end however now, having utilized the products, I can appreciate why a sponge applicator would work much better with this shadow formula. The blend brush end is great – the ideal size as well as density to blend out the edges. The packaging is a extremely durable plastic situation with a full sized, high quality mirror. The palette measures 14cm x 8cm x 1.5cm. There’s absolutely no lost spaces inside. This would make the ideal travel palette.

Now, the price.  At $65, it is much more costly than similar palettes, for example, the Tarte Tartelette Matte palette is $54 for 12 shades (1.5g of product each shade), as well as the Urban Decay naked 1 costs $66, likewise for 12 shades (1.4g each). So why is this Lise Watier one costing $65 for 12 shades too, however only 1g product each? I’ll response with 2 possible reasons: 1) Economies of scale. Lise Watier is a small-time brand compared to brands like Tarte or metropolitan Decay.  Smaller production runs imply higher costs. 2) country of origin. The Lise Watier palette is made in Italy whereas the others are made in the US.  Labour costs, shipping, import duties, etc. all element into the product’s costs – just some points to consider.

After wearing this for the past week, I have to say, this palette is darn close, however not The One.  This palette is extremely safe, from the pigmentation to the colour choice to the completed look. It pleased me however in subtle methods – as somebody who is not into big scale eye shadow palettes (anything with much more than 5 colours), I discovered myself using almost all of the colours from this palette.  I would suggest this if you’re searching for an all-rounder palette that is dependable as well as great for travelling.  I’d like to see Lise Watier establish an all matte palette utilizing the matte formula from this palette!

I set out to do some comparisons as well as my half-assed attempt came up with these:

The 3 colours on the bottom row of theBalm satisfy Matt(e) nude palette seemed to be a great match for the 3 right hand side of the Lise Watier top row, however when swatched, no dice.

But the MAC Uninterrupted is a quite great match for Caramel from this palette, with Uninterrupted pulling stronger mustard tone.

• Smooth as well as extremely blendable formula
• Well-rounded colour choice for total eye looks
• long using formula
• Packaged well for travel (mirror, compact size)
• helpful applicator
• Made in Italy

• Not as high pigment as claimed
• Inconsistent high quality between the shades; matte are much better than shimmers
• higher priced than similar palettes

Stash worthiness: 8/10

Canadians: do go to the store to feel this palette. I guarantee you that you’ll gasp a little at the texture (especially the mattes) – it’s like silk!  Americans, you’ll have to take my word on this – you can only purchase Lise Watier from her us site here.

If I were to make a couple of modifications to this palette, this is what I’d come up with:

Do you see what I did?  Here’s the original:

I got rid of Peau de pêche (the light peach matte shade 2nd from left), as well as shifted Argile over to its spot. then I moved Cacao, the lone matte from the bottom, as much as where Argile was, as well as added a shimmery brown shade at the bottom. I shall phone call that shade Chocolat.

Hope you discovered this evaluation helpful!  So, have you discovered The One (eye shadow palette)? Do tell!

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