Smudged cat Eye | Day 4 With the honest beauty get It together Eyeshadow palette

Today’s smudged cat eyes; I really love this!
Leave it to the cat lady to love a smudged cat eye, hahaha! This is yet another look — I’ll say “inspired by” the tutorial card that comes with the honest beauty get It together Eyeshadow Palette.

Just four eyeshadows
The tutorial suggests using the beige shade all over the lid as a base, but I thought that might look a little weird on me, so I buffed the matte brown shade (Soft Bronze) on top of the beige to define my crease.


Gosh, these shadows blend so well! but that’s just one of the terrific things about this palette.

Can we talk about lips for a second, because I need to know if anyone else out there has been into tinted lip balms lately? They’re SO MY JAM, which is kinda funny because until recently I’ve been solidly team liquid Lipstick for the last few months. My previous lip logic was that if I’m going to wear something on my pout during the pandemic…it had to last long enough under my mask to ensure that I wouldn’t have to keep removing my mask to reapply it.

I know, interesting logic. ?


Cats & makeup Sweatshirt ??


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Turns out tinted balms are a terrific no-drama/low-effort option, since I can 1) easily apply one without a mirror (doing it right now, as a matter of fact), and 2) remove it just as quickly with a tissue when I’m about to mask up. Plus, hello moisture! (Side note: my lips have been dry lately.)

This sheer plum tinted balm by Origins is called night Bloom, and it’s low-key epic in terms of moisture. I get old-school Clinique Black Honey vibes from the color because it looks crazy dark in the tube, but it’s just a sheer plummy tint when it’s applied.

Night Bloom pairs really well with mauves, taupes, browns and bronzes, a.k.a. all of the colors in the honest beauty get It together Palette. It’s also sheer enough to wear with just bare skin and mascara.

In case you’re wondering, it smells and tastes a little minty, but it’s not overwhelming.

Moisturizing, sheer and just lovely
Another thing I’ve been into: the look of barely-there blush. MAC warm soul is terrific for this!

Love ya, MAC warm Soul!


Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. TGIF! ?

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