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You understand exactly how it goes, kitties. Cats have hectic lives. We don’t always have time to go full-on with our makeup, however that doesn’t indicate we can’t still look polished.

Next time you’re running late for a satisfying with your assistant or have a nap scheduled, try this quick five-minute makeup look. It’s fresh-faced, stunning as well as exceptionally easy. Not to mention, it’s proper for all fur patterns as well as experience levels. -Tabs



Fur Brightening lotion — I’m utilizing a shade that matches my fur as well as has a bit bit of sheen, however no glitter, considering that shine can highlight flaws in the fur. I likewise selected something with an easy-to-blend, creamy lotion texture.

Makeup Blending Sponge — Smooth as well as blend the lotion with a soft makeup blending sponge to keep it from looking patchy, however don’t fail to remember to dampen it first.
I know, I understand — water sucks! however dampening the sponge very first will sheer down the product, ensuring that it looks as natural as possible.

Black Kohl Pencil — Black kohl pencils are a must-have in any type of cat’s makeup bag. I like creamy pencils, since then I don’t have to tug at my lash as well as water lines. Plus, they’re simple to smudge.

Angled eyeliner clean — An angled clean assists to soften as well as smooth the edges of your liner.

Coral cream blush — When I’m in a rush, a coral cream blush is a must. I can blend it quickly utilizing just my paws, as well as it brightens my look without taking it over the top.


Start by applying the fur brightening lotion to your cheeks, forehead, nose as well as chin with your paws. go in the natural direction of your fur, rather than going against the grain, to smooth the hairs as well as keep them all pointing in the ideal direction.

Gently press a moist makeup blending sponge into your fur to blend the fur brightener. For the most natural look, fade the protection as you step out. You want the biggest concentration of product near the center of your face.

Emphasize your feline eyes by lining your lash as well as water lines with a black kohl pencil. try to get as close to the roots of your fur as possible, in between the private fur hairs.

Soften the edges with an angled eyeliner brush, as well as draw an captivating feline eye flick.

For an additional pop of color, blend a coral cream blush on your cheeks with your paws.

If you try this look, identify me on Instagram! #tabstutorials I would like to see it on you!

(NOTE: I understand you most likely already understand this, however please don’t put makeup on your kitty cat. This is just for enjoyment purposes. No genuine life cats used any type of makeup for this tutorial.)


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P.S. If you liked this tabby tutorial as well as would like to see other makeup looks, let Tabs understand in the comments.

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