New bargain Bling: loft pendants on severe Sale

since lady cannot online on chunky statement fashion jewelry alone, I chosen up these dainty pendants from Loft. much better still — I got ’em on sale.



Those are magic words ideal there…

I’m really starting to rue the day I found that loft is type of the sh*t, because, dude — I youngster you not — they always have a sale, as well as none of those wimpy 10% off sales. These sales are normally 40-60% off, which is, like, two steps away from free. LOL!

At least that’s what I tell El Hub when I come house with a loft buying bag.

The gold pendant is the delicate Crystal triangle Necklace, originally $29.50 however currently on sale for $24.88, plus an extra 60% off. The final price? $9.95. I’m using it in these pics as a layering necklace. (I can’t keep in mind the designer of the “K” pendant I’m likewise wearing, though. My bad.)


The silver one is the delicate Pave Circle Necklace. exact same drill. originally $29.50, however now $9.95 after 60% off.

Another thing I like about these pendants is that you can wear them in different lengths. See all the loops in the back of the chain? You can utilize them to take the pendant up or down, depending upon your attire as well as mood.

Yay for bling on sale!

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