The falling Tokyo Leaves, feline woman #lifegoals as well as the Essie autumn 2016 Collection

Creamy plum Essie Kimono Over ($9, one of six shades in the restricted edition Essie autumn 2016 collection)
This is going to noise awfully feline woman of me (really, what did you expect?), however how’s this for a plan? — you, me, the Essie autumn 2016 collection as well as Toyko in the fall. We might traipse down Icho Namiki Avenue with our manis as well as pedis as well as see exactly how numerous adorable maneki-nekos we can find.

Of course, we’d likewise have to stuff our pockets with feline treats just in situation any type of genuine city kitties cross our path…


OK, that may have been the most CCL thing I’ve ever written.

Well…probably not.

Anyway, Tokyo! In the fall! It was the motivation for the Essie autumn 2016 collection.


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I’ve never been to Japan before, however I just googled “tokyo in the fall,” as well as it looks AMAZING.

Now one of my #lifegoals is to go to Tokyo in the autumn to see the autumn leaves changing.

I don’t understand much about Tokyo, however I always photo a busy city (I blame this on viewing lost in Translation a few hundred times… It’s one of my preferred movies.), so I was amazed to discover out that Essie was influenced by the colors of Tokyo’s autumn foliage.

Essie Udon understand Me
Essie autumn 2016 is a six-piece restricted edition collection, offered best meow, as well as the polishes are $9 each.


This has to one of my preferred Essie collections of all time since there are typically one or two colors in their collections that I end up having to infant a little, like by having to utilize a number of layers since of exactly how very sheer they are (I choose full opacity) or by having to eliminate my polish as well as method a few times with one of them that ends up being streakier than the others, however all six of these shades are a breeze to use…

Essie Maki Me Happy

Even the pastels! — as well as you understand exactly how challenging pastels can be, like the ones that separate, so you end up having to lay down a couple coats to get a solid block of color.

But these? I bet I might paint my paws with these at 3 a.m. in a exhausted stupor.

“But, K-Dawg,” you may ask, “why would anybody paint their nails at 3 in the morning”?

Two words, my friend: “teething baby.”


Fast times

I dunno… perhaps I’m just trippin’ on this Starbucks Pumpkin flavor Latte #psl I just slammed, however these likewise seem to dry quicker than typical for Essie nail polishes.

Essie playing Koi
Cozy sweatshirts as well as chunky cable-knit scarves

The colors! They’re just so rich as well as deep. I can see myself using them soon with flannel plaid shirts, boots, comfortable sweatshirts as well as chunky cable-knit scarves.

Of the six shades, dark plum Kimono Over (like a creamy version of Chanel Vendetta, except without the sparkles), playing Koi (a decadent rusty orange) as well as Udon understand Me (a pale blue with a hint of somewhat major gray) are my faves.

Essie now as well as Zen
It’s all about that base, ’bout base as well as top coat

I haven’t used these out in the genuine world yet — only for swatches — so I can’t state for sure exactly how long they’ll last before chipping, however when I get a base as well as top coat up in the mix, I typically get between 5-7 days with Essie polishes before they begin chipping, however I put my hands with a great deal at the keyboard as well as with cleaning brushes as well as dishes as well as often utilizing makeup remover.

But if I don’t utilize a base or top coat, all bets are off, even with these shades. Like, I put on two coats of Udon understand Me since I was so thrilled about it, as well as I started seeing small chips on a couple of nails within six hours!

So I believe it’s certainly worth your time to utilize these with a base as well as top coat.

Essie Go Go Geisha
Anywho…all this talk about Tokyo as well as Japan has me craving sushi.

A new location just opened in town, as well as I’m dying to try it!

I utilized to crave sushi all the time before I got expecting with Connor, however my tastebuds got all strange as well as goofy while she was baking in my tum, as well as I didn’t want to eat fish at all.

I believed whatever would go back to typical afterward, however the last time I had sushi, which I believe was in May, it still tasted a bit funny to me… I don’t understand if that’s normal.

We’ll see!


Do you have a preferred sushi place? Or a preferred sushi roll?

Your friendly community charm addict,


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