Makeup Shortcuts: save Time by using eyeliner as Eyeshadow

using eyeliner as eyeshadow
Sometimes you wanna get lost in the moment, forget your cares, and blend your eye makeup to your heart’s ? delight…and sometimes you don’t.

Next time you don’t, try using an eyeliner as eyeshadow. You can whip out a quick look in minutes.


It’s usually easier if you use a soft liner because you can scoot it around with a brush, and liners that don’t dry right away and stay pliable longer will give you more time to blend them out. I’m wearing MAC Costa Riche Eye Kohl in these pics.

Step 1: get to linin’

Start by lining your lash and water lines with the eyeliner, then apply it your lids and just barely into the crease.

Note: you don’t have to be neat here at all. In fact, if you look in the mirror and see a crazy person starting back at you, you’re doing it right, LOL!


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Step 2: Buff with a fluffy brush

Buff and smooth out the liner doing tight little circles and sweeping motions with your brush until it looks sufficiently buffed and even. FYI, you can coax it up and out as far as you’d like.

Step 3: clean up the edges with a Q-tip or sponge

And if you’re feeling fancy, you can dip the sponge or Q-tip in a bit of concealer or foundation first. It’ll help you sharpen the edges.

But you can totally leave the sponge bare, too. All you’re doing here is loosely cleaning up the edges, which creates a bit more definition and gives some extra lift to your eyes.

Step 4: apply one or two coats of mascara

For a look like this, I’ll usually also apply mascara on my bottom lashes, because I think it makes everything look more balanced.

Makeup worn in this look

FACE: MAC next to nothing foundation in medium plus mixed with make up For HD Concealer in Y41, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish natural Powder in medium Golden

EYES: MAC Costa Riche Eye Kohl, urban Decay Cannonball Mascara, MAC Brun Eyeshadow, benefit ready set Brows

CHEEKS: MAC extra dimension blush in hard to Get

LIPS: MAC Lipstick in velvet Teddy


Do you ever use eyeliner in place of eyeshadow? What’s your favorite one for things like this?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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