Nails of the Day: Essie garden range

Irrespective of this incredibly creamy, smooth, streak-free paw paint’s appropriate name, it’s not your garden range creamy teal. Essie’s garden range nail polish ($8.50) is so preternaturally pigmented that 1) it’s liable to make close-by flowers jealous, as well as 2) you can quickly get away with using just one layer.

But I’m using two right here (force of habit).


With a base as well as top coat, Essie polishes normally last me five or six days before I begin to see any type of chips, however I’m quite hard on my nails.

Garden range is part of the Essie Flowerista spring collection, offered now at salons, Ulta, Target, Nordstrom as well as anywhere else Essie is sold.


Oh! If you’re curious, the pants are the Destroyed partner denim by blank NYC, as well as the bracelet is a random no-name bauble I’ve had for a while.

I like exactly how it matches the polish.

What about your paws today? What are you using on your nails?

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