I found a Cute, comfy Bra at the Nordstrom anniversary Sale! The Brooklyn Bra by Passionata by Chantelle

I found a incredibly cool bra!
You’d think that getting a bra online — one you’ve never worn before! — would be a bad idea, right?



But I was shopping the Nordstrom anniversary sale last week for a bra, just because, I mean…so lots of odd things happen to your body after you have a baby. everything shifts around, so your old pre-baby clothes don’t fit the same way, but that’s another story for another day…

Anyway, I was trying to find a bra to replace some bras that don’t fit anymore, and I saw that this one, the Brooklyn bra by Passionata by Chantelle, had hella five-star reviews.

The Brooklyn Bra is normally $55 but currently on sale for $35, so I thought, why not? If it doesn’t work out, there’s always that awesome return policy! Also, I have experience with the Chantelle bra line.


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The three colors on sale
French lingerie maker Chantelle has been around for a lot more than 100 years. I found them one day when I went into Nordstrom to get some bras after my umpteenth Victoria’s secret bra fell apart (those things don’t last a lot more than a few months). I asked the sales associate to recommend a bra that would last me, no joke, “Forever, or until the Kardashians go away,” and she recommended Chantelle. I now have three Chantelle bras, and I love them. They’re comfortable and have lasted forever (so far), but they’re incredibly expensive, though, like in the $80 price range (!!!), so I always try to get mine on sale.

It’s still a lot to pay for a bra, but I tell myself that, ya know, you wear a bra all day, every day, and you must get one that lasts and fits well.

Because Passionata is a sub-brand of Chantelle, I hoped their bras would be Chantelle-caliber good.

Based on this Brooklyn bra? Man, it is that good. So far. Those Nordstrom reviewer ladies got it right!

Mind you, it only arrived in the mail yesterday, so I’ve only worn it for a few hours, but it fits true to size, and it’s crazy comfortable. The straps don’t dig into my shoulders, and the cups don’t cut into my skin.

I like the soft material, the lace (it isn’t itchy, yay!), and they have just the ideal amount of padding. They’re padded, but they aren’t so padded that my boobs feel incredibly crunchy.

So pretty, babes!

I think it’s pretty, too. My bra situation has been dire this past year… Like, beyond anti-cute. and I’m ready to be cute again.


The Brooklyn comes in a large range of sizes, and there are three colors on sale — hot pink, black and nude. If they’re anything like my Chantelle bras, they must hold up for years. check it out if you can, and remember, the sale only lasts through August 6th.

Your friendly neighborhood appeal addict,


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