Four steps to amazing fall Matte Lips

Laura Mercier Velour extreme Lipstick in Fresh
Gah! I’m so ecstatic about 1) sweater weather (anyone else absolutely over the heat?), and I can’t wait for all of the full-on pigmented matte lip colors for fall! I’m already building my army of berries, reds and roses…

If you’re all about rich, autumnal lips like I am, here are four application ideas to help you get amazing matte fall lips that look terrific all day long.


1. step one: get prepped

Prep your lips by applying your favorite moisturizing balm to remove any dryness. (I’m a fan of CeraVe Healing Ointment, myself.)

2. step two: Soften those edges

With a finger, press a thin amount of your favorite liquid concealer all along the edges of your lips until your lip line kinda disappears into your skin. Then, wait a minute for the concealer to dry. ideal now I’m loving hourglass Veil Retouching Concealer (it’s what I’m wearing in these pics), but any good pigmented liquid concealer must do.

3. step three: set it and forget it

Load a tapered eye brush with a translucent setting powder, and lightly dust a layer on top of the concealer to set it.

4. step four: just add color

Apply your rich fall lip color either directly from the tube, or using a brush. Then, step back and admire your stunning lips!

Laura Mercier Velour extreme Lipstick in Femme
Urban Decay Matte Lipstick in The big One
Swatches, babe!


I wasn’t the only one inspired to wear something colorful today! This is Connor’s peacock-inspired look.

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